‘Solar Opposites’ Star Thomas Middleditch Shares a Few of His Favorite Things (VIDEO)

Thomas Middleditch may play an alien in Hulu‘s Solar Opposites, but his life outside work couldn’t be more down to Earth. The actor opened up about a few of his favorite things in TV Insider and TV Guide magazine’s studio, sponsored by Hollywood unBranded, at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to talk Solar Opposites Season 3. And after sharing exciting details about Terry and the new episodes, which are streaming now, Middleditch stuck around for a round of lighthearted questions.

In the video interview, above, Middleditch cheekily says that if he had never become an actor, he would “obviously” be a professional hockey player. He also plays a lot of video games in his free time when he’s not “staring at the wall and counting backwards from 100” as quick as he can to relax (who among us doesn’t stare into the void nowadays?).

The Silicon Valley alum also shares details about his most-worn clothing/jewelry item (a beloved watch), his favorite treat to prepare (a grilled cheese sandwich “cut a very specific way” — I’m a triangle stan, myself), and more, all while imbuing his humor into each answer. When asked what quality he finds most admirable in others, kindness and empathy took the cake. But when detailing what quality of his own he admires most, things got medieval: “If dishonored, I kill the man that dishonored.”

Check out Middleditch’s full “Cornered” interview, above, to learn some more fun facts about the actor’s life, and check out his latest work in the third season of Solar Opposites.

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