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As of Thursday night, there’s only one week left in Big Brother‘s 25th season, and I suspect I’m not the only one thinking, “Thank goodness!”

Although the recent domination tour of Matt and Jag is surely a thrill for Matt and Jag, it gets tiresome to watch any alliance steamroll its way to finale night, and Season 25 has been stuck in that all-too-predictable rut for several weeks now. Plus, if you keep up with Big Brother‘s live feeds at all, you know that the Mafia alliance — comprised of Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane — has been displaying some downright cruel behavior as its members plotted all week to evict Cirie and, eventually, Felicia.

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But even though Season 25 will fall extremely short of Big Brother‘s Hall of Fame, there’s still business to attend to before it all wraps up in seven days. With Jag having decided not to use this week’s Power of Veto, Felicia and Cirie remain on the nomination block… and though Jag has been targeting Cirie for days (even on his buddy Matt’s HOH reign), Felicia briefly gets herself in hot water this week after trying to convince Matt that Jag and Bowie Jane are mocking him behind his back.

The incident in question happens in the backyard, when Jag is recounting all the sports he used to play in high school, then says, “And I’m an Olympian, too.” That comment doesn’t sit well with Felicia, who perceives it as a jab against Matt, an actual Deaflympian. She tells Matt about the comment and lets him know that Jag and Bowie are developing a closer bond and saying insults that Matt can’t hear — but is it possible her pot-stirring will backfire, now that Matt seems to have deemed her untrustworthy and meddlesome for coming to him with this news?

Well, fortunately for Felicia, Cirie is seen as just too big a threat to keep in the house for the final week, and Felicia’s shenanigans ultimately don’t send her to jury. Instead, Cirie is booted in a 2-0 vote; in her post-game interview, she admits that she absolutely would have gone after Jag if she’d remained in the house and seized power, so he was right to target her this time. (Jag even reveals in his goodbye message — and appears to relish doing so — that he’d been plotting Cirie’s demise all week, which is, uh, interesting jury management.)

Meanwhile, we get a peek at what’s going on in the jury house, where Cameron is first joined by Cory, who’s followed by Blue and then America. There’s lots of Blue calling herself a strong competitor, and the other jurors do an admirable job of not rolling their eyes.

Then, it’s time for the penultimate Head of Household competition, in which houseguests are shown pages of a BB Comic (now starring Chenbot!) and must correctly answer questions about the content they just saw. And as thrilling as it would have been for Felicia to pull out a win here, it’s not to be: The game comes down to a tiebreaker question between Jag and Bowie Jane, and Bowie Jane, never one to let a tiebreaker defeat her, once again jots down the better number on that whiteboard and becomes Head of Household, securing her spot in the Final 3. Jag and Matt, as if you could even blame them at this point, look absolutely delighted.

What did you make of Cirie’s eviction on Thursday, and who would you like to see head to jury on Sunday’s special live eviction episode? Tell us below!

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