Star Trek Day 2022: Paramount+ Launches All the News That’s Ready to Fly!

Star Trek Day, September 8, commemorates the first Star Trek episode to air on U.S. television in 1966, an episode called “The Man Trap.”

On this, the third annual celebration of Star Trek Day by Paramount+, the two-hour-long live-streamed event, was co-hosted by Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins.

In addition to announcements about the various series, the program included a loving tribute to Nichelle Nichols, who passed away on July 30 at the age of 89.

Star Trek Day 2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Newsome, of course, is also the voice of Ensign Beckett Mariner on Star Trek: Lower Decks, while Tompkins voices Dr. Migleemo and various other characters on the animated comedy.

The two also co-host the popular podcast Star Trek: The Pod Directive, which they were pleased to share — as part of their hosting duties — has been renewed for a third season.

Star Trek: The Pod Directive

Speaking of third seasons, the first show presented was Star Trek: Picard, introduced by Sir Patrick Stewart himself and showcased in a thrilling teaser that calls back to the first season on several levels.

The series has wrapped filming on its third and final season, one that will reunite the core members of Picard’s Enterprise crew — Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Troi (Marina Sirtis), Crusher (Gates McFadden), La Forge (LeVar Burton), and Worf (Michael Dorn) — with Patrick Stewart’s Picard.

Star Trek: Picard S3 Cast Poster

Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd return as Seven and Raffi, the last remaining original cast members of Star Trek: Picard. At the same time, Brent Spiner will appear as (presumably) another member of the Soong legacy.

The season will premiere on February 16, 2023, streaming on Paramount+.

Next up was Star Trek: Discovery, currently filming its fifth season in Toronto, Canada.

While no actual Season 5 footage was presented, a behind-the-scenes tour of the set hosted by Wilson Cruz, aka Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Culber, gave fans a chance to touch base with stars — Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), Mary Wiseman (Tilly), Blu del Barrio (Adira), and Anthony Rapp (Stamets) — as well as new costume designer, Anthony Tran.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 First Look!

As the first look image shows, the action doesn’t let up with Paramount+’s flagship Trek series as it nears its sixtieth episode.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Martin-Green reveals they’re shooting Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 4, written by Sean Cochran and directed by Lee Rose.

A tantalizingly brief moment on set clearly shows Tilly back on the bridge of Discovery. (Woo-hoo, welcome back, Mary!)

The only series currently airing new episodes is the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Now in its third season, Lower Decks continues its now-established tradition of lovingly savaging Trek lore while forging ahead with the new adventures of the quintessential underdog second contact ship, the U.S.S. Cerritos, and its eternally optimistic lower decks crew, Ensigns Boimler (Jack Quaid), Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Tendi (Noël Wells), and Rutherford (Eugene Cerritos).

U.S.S. Wayfarer - Star Trek: Lower Decks

To reward and dazzle the viewers, Newsome and Tompkins introduced a sneak peek at an upcoming episode, spotlighting Bucephalus Dagger and the U.S.S. Wayfarer.

Who and what are they? Well, check out the video and find out!

If they’re going to tease one animated series, it’s only fair that Star Trek: Prodigy, the Nickelodeon co-production aimed at younger viewers, finally gets a drop date for the back half of its impressive first season.

The sneak peek of the Protostar’s motley crew reveals that not only are they being pursued by the real Janeway in the slip-stream capable U.S.S. Dauntless, but Murf is also leveling up biologically, and a new threat called the living construct has infected the ship.

Okona on the Bridge - Star Trek: Prodigy

A new yet familiar face joins the kids on the bridge. That’s Billy Campbell voicing Thadiun Okona, a character he played IRL on Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Episode 4 and voiced previously in animated form on Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 Episode 5.

But why are both crews in cold climate gear? We’ll find out after October 27, when the series returns with ten new episodes to finish off the inaugural season.

As mentioned above, the passing of the iconic Nichelle Nichols was a massive blow to the Star Trek community this year.

In a touching video tribute, several major Trek players speak from the heart about Nichols and her effect on them and the world in general.

Dawnn Lewis, the voice of Captain Carol Freeman on Star Trek: Lower Decks, knew Nichols personally for many decades. At Comic-Con, she revealed that Nichols was the first person she called when she learned she would be a Star Trek captain.

Actress Nichelle Nichols attends Event

In the tribute, actors Sonequa Martin-Green, Kate Mulgrew, Celia Rose Gooding, Michelle Hurd, Tawny Newsome, and Wilson Cruz do their best to articulate the influence Nichols had on them.

Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet, Rod Roddenberry, and director Hanelle Culpepper cite examples of how Nichols made significant strides for all people, lifting them up and dreaming the impossible into reality.

Colonel Frederick D. Gregory, former astronaut and deputy administrator with NASA, is perhaps the most moving testimonial as he describes how she encouraged him to apply for the astronaut program.

A surprise announcement transitioned viewers from the tribute to the final Star Trek Day reveal.

Nicholas Meyer, director of the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, announced that he had created a scripted podcast, Star Trek: Khan – Ceti Alpha V, which will examine what happened in the years after Kirk left Khan on the barren world and before the events of the film.

Khan - Ceti Alpha V

The Star Trek Day program ended with an exciting casting announcement and a sneak peek at Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

With Chief Hemmer’s tragic passing on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Episode 9, the Enterprise ended Season 1 with a major vacancy in Engineering.

Chief Engineer Pelia - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Stepping into the position is Academy Award nominee Carol Kane (Amazon Prime’s Hunters, The Princess Bride) as Pelia, described as highly educated and intelligent… [who] suffers no fools.

Season 2 has already wrapped its production in Toronto, Canada.

The sneak peek clip shows us the preparation for an away mission and reveals that star pilot Lt. Ortegas is once again landing party blocked.

And that’s a wrap on Star Trek Day 2022!

What was your favorite moment/clip/announcement? What left you clamoring for more?

Hit our comments with your reactions!

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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