Stranger Things Fans, Here’s How to Stream the Movies Inspiring Season 4


We have a lot of questions about Stranger Things 4 right now. Will Chief Hopper (David Harbour) somehow return after that blast that seemed to claim his life? Will Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) ever get her telekinetic powers back (and should she, besides)? Will this season be the last for the streaming sensation? Chances are, most of those mysteries won’t be solved until we finally press play on Season 4, but what we do know is that it’s happening, and the show’s writers are currently dropping some major clues about what themes and character moves might be ahead for the nostalgia-inducing sci-fi/fantasy show.

Every Friday of the last month, Stranger Things‘ writers have been dropping little lists of the films that have been discussed by them throughout the given week. Called “Video Store Fridays,” the five-part lists are meant to serve as a sort of homework for fans, as the writers insist each of the titles “relate in some way or another” to Season 4.

Everything to Know About Stranger Things 4

Some of the movies they’ve mentioned have already gotten our wheels turning about how they could potentially play into the plot of the show as it carries the action forward from that explosive Stranger Things 3 finale, but some of the selections are a bit less obvious than others. For example, we’re pretty baffled about the idea that You’ve Got Mail, a movie about adults finding love on dial-up internet, could possibly relate to Stranger Things, but we’re also terribly curious to find out.

So, to honor Stranger Things‘ tradition of encouraging fans to revisit old movies — and to prepare for the inevitable Easter egg hunt to come with the new season — here’s a list of all the pics the writers have pointed to so far (in order of their own reveals), along with handy streaming links to help you find them right now before Stranger Things 4 arrives.

The Peanut Butter Solution (Stream it on YouTube, for purchase.)
The Fisher King (Stream it on Crackle or on Amazon, for purchase.)
Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (Stream it on YouTube for free or on Amazon, for purchase.)
You’ve Got Mail (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
Ordinary People (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
Hellbound: Hellraiser II (Stream it on Tubi or Amazon, for purchase.)
Billy Madison (Stream it on Starz or Amazon, for purchase)
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Stream it on Starz or Amazon, for purchase.)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
Black Swan (Stream it on HBO or Amazon, for purchase.)
Young Sherlock Holmes (Stream it on Amazon, with Prime subscription.)
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
Hackers (Stream it on Tubi or Amazon, with Prime subscription.)
Silence of the Lambs (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
The Good Son (Stream it on Cinemax or Amazon, for purchase.)
Amelie (Stream it on HBO.)
Paradise Lost (Stream it on HBO or Amazon, with Prime subscription.)
Pineapple Express (Stream it on Amazon, for purchase.)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stream the 2009 version on Amazon, for purchase, or stream the 2011 version on TNT or Amazon, for purchase.)
Drop Dead Fred (Stream it on Cinemax or Amazon, for purchase.)

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Stranger Things Seasons 1-3 are currently available on Netflix.

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Winona Ryder, <em>Stranger Things 3</em>Winona Ryder, Stranger Things 3

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