Supergirl Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Back From the Future — Part One


Back from the future or journey from another Earth?

Winn returned on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 11, but all was not as it seemed as it turned out to be a different Winn from the one that we all knew and loved.

Thankfully, and before we knew it, our Winn returned from the future to help save the day and take down his evil doppelgänger. Was his return satifactory? Or did it leave us longing for the old days of Supergirl?

It was like a breath of fresh — or technically old — air that Supergirl has desperately needed when Winn reunited with his Super Friends.

He has always brought a special kind of humor and character to the show that, in part, is what made Supergirl so great when it first premiered in 2015.

At its very core, Supergirl is about the Super Friends and how they work together to save the city, and Winn was a major part of that as he was one of the originals.

Thankfully the actual Winn returned, as we were all a little worried after the events of Supergirl Season 5 Episode 10 that Jeremy Jordan would come back playing a different character. And it was like he never left.

Winn was ever so charming and lighthearted, while also showing great worry over his doppelgänger predicament.

Throughout the whole hour, Winn was happy, sad, angry, cracking jokes, and overall just showed a wide range of emotion that is, in part, what makes him such a great character.

He can be laughing one second and then give outstanding advice the next.

Never let anyone make you question your own worth.


Please, please, please can Winn stay forever? Yes, he has a family in the future and they are probably lovely, but Kara and Co. could definitely use a little Winn in their lives. Or, is it Marty from Metropolis now? Gotta love the glasses disguise.

A permanent return from Winn is probably not likely, but at least it looks like we will have him for one more episode given that cliffhanger.

It is a good thing that it’s likely that Winn will be around for one more episode, as there are still so many questions left unanswered about the future.

I am shocked that there was not one mention of Mon-El, especially from Kara seeing as they were in love not too long ago.

Winn: By 2126, anti-trolling legislations are in place all around the world. Stopped World War III.
Kara and Alex: Huh?
Winn: I should not have told you that!

When did the Legion fight Brainiac? And how did Nia’s descendant end up in the Legion?

How long has Winn been in the future? He has only been gone for one and a half seasons, but he has a family now and it seems as if the Legion has grown quite exponentially.

Let’s just say that time travel will always be confusing to me.

One thing that is not confusing though is the chemistry between Kara and William, because there is none.

It looks as if they are going down the romance route for the two reporters, and it cannot be more forced.

Of course Kara is allowed to date and have romantic relationships as she is entitled to that as an individual with agency. But why William?

Have a nice day. Kara Danvers is Supergirl.


He has never been that exciting of a character from the start, and now he is being forced together with Kara.

There were zero sparks when they had that “moment” towards the end of the hour. It was more awkward than anything, but maybe it’s just a mislead and they are actually going to decide they are better off as friends? A girl can dream.

Lena continued to show her dark side and proved that she can be quite manipulative.

It was amazing watching her “reconcile” with Andrea, showing so much compassion that she even had me fooled for a second that she was being genuine.

But, of course, she was just using Andrea to get information about the allusive Leviathan.

All this back and forth, from not wanting to hurt anyone to actively lying to someone she once cared deeply about, is exhausting.

Honestly, they should just pick a route with Lena and stick with it. Is she a villain or is she a good guy? It is about time to make a decision as Lena’s character is all over the place.

Brainy, on the other hand, proved that he is ultimately on the side of good, even though he has been working with Lex.

Throughout the whole episode, he acted cold and disconnected from those all around him. But then, in the end, he unloaded onto Winn and confessed how much he had been hurting.

I’m terrified that I’m becoming the bad guy.


It was heartbreaking to witness, but also nice to see as it eased the worry within us that Brainy would choose the path of evil.

There is not a question whether or not Brainy will do the right thing in the end and fight alongside Supergirl. He must apologize first though, as even though his intentions were good, his actions hurt Nia.

Overall, Winn’s return was just a reminder of how great Supergirl used to be.

Yes, it still has its moments with a ton of great characters, but there has just been something missing. And that is the chemistry between the original cast.

J’onn: In the wake of Crisis, Kara, Kal-El, Barry, Kate, we established a headquarters from which to fight crime.
Winn: Oh, in the future they call it a Hall of Justice.
Kara: I like that.

It is always sad to see original cast members leave, and sometimes new characters can help to fill the holes they left in our hearts, but nothing beats what first made a show special.

And, lately, Supergirl has been more focused on its multitude of villains than about its relationships.

Super Friends — AKA Kara, James, and Winn — please come back to us. Especially now that J’onn has finally made a secret headquarters for Supergirl and the rest of the team.

What did you think Supergirl Fanatics?

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