The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Side Effects


Daniel and Noa’s relationship went from being a dream come true to a nightmare in a matter of a few short weeks. 

Vanessa’s tell-all interview, which basically painted Daniel as a cheater and Noa as a homewrecker, on The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 6 cannot be blamed for all the media scrutiny. She may have been the catalyst, but this is something everyone knew was going to happen the moment the relationship went public. 

Noa warned Daniel it was going to be hard and the media was going to be invasive. He thought he had it under control when in reality, he had absolutely no grasp on how the constant invasion of privacy would affect him and his family.

The Garcia’s –  who were once deemed indestructible — were crumbling.

And though Noa prepared herself for the media response and interest, she never anticipated the secret board meetings organized by her father. 

While Noa’s situation is less-than-ideal, it’s an exciting development that allows us to get even more backstory about her personal life.

We don’t even have to meet Mr. Hamilton to know he’s a piece of work; only a man with a huge ego would use a little bad press as leverage to oust his daughter out of her own company for his own gain. 

Vanessa’s tell-all was shocking, but it shouldn’t have been as destructive as it was.

Noa went from being someone that the company confided it — the richest and most famous woman on the planet with a flourishing business — to losing profits and investors left-and-right because of some relationship drama. 

This time… we all get to create a place together. And one day, you’re gonna be standing right here with your own son and you’re going to say, “I remember the day we broke down that wall.”


She may have gotten blindsided by the interview question on national television, but it should have been something that Lewis could handle and spin in a way that would make Noa and Daniel look good.

It didn’t have to consume them both and eventually, their relationship. 

Though, this time apart might do well for them. 

Since they met, they’ve been virtually inseparable. Noa’s decision to take some time apart to handle her business matters was wise, especially as she aims to figure out what her father’s motivations are. 

While Noa is handling things, the previews seem to indicate that Daniel is going to sulk around and pine for her, which is the exact opposite of what he should be doing. 

We know for a fact the board has been talking. And if they’re not talking to you, they’re talking about you.


If Daniel is serious about a cooking show then he should be using this time while Noa’s away to build up a portfolio for himself. 

I will gladly defend Noa and Daniel’s relationship as more than a fantasy, but only if Daniel proves that he isn’t going to get lost in the relationship. Because right now, Raf is right when he said Daniel is living out Noa’s dream. 

As Noa and her father got into it over her business, the Garcia family was falling apart in front of our eyes. 

The culprit? Well, it definitely wasn’t Noa as Mari and Raf suggested. 

Noa was easy to blame, but her introduction brought to the surface a much bigger issue about dreams, passion, and following your own path. 

Raf and Mari haven’t always been good at supporting their children’s dreams. Their ideal situation seems to be the children investing all their energy into the family business. 

And while the family business is very important to the children, it isn’t surprising that they want to explore different avenues. 

None of them should be ridiculed for having dreams that may seem unattainable or vary from what their parents want for them. 

In the same vein, Natalie was told that she couldn’t be herself when her mother forbade her from seeing Amy because she had “behavioral issues.”

It’s clear Amy is not the problem here, and Mari feels like she’s losing control and thus, decided to prevent Natalie from living her truth. 

For the first time ever, Raf and Mari were supportive of Mateo’s dreams, but while they may believe in his music, he began losing faith after meeting up with a music producer he admired who told him he didn’t have what it takes. 

Honesty is always appreciated, but there’s a way to get your point across that’s a little less crass and destructive. 

Mateo, he has a dream. You, you have a fantasy. And me? I have work to do.


However, if Mateo wants to make it in this industry — an industry that requires tough skin as evidenced by Daniel’s situation — then he needs to toughen up. 

He cannot let the opinion of one person convince him to hang up his hat. Instead, it should have motivated him like hell to fight back; he needs to learn to channel that pain into something productive. 

Who know, maybe that pain could be the raw and vulnerable music that will make him stand out and not be so “cookie cutter”?

The only person that seems to truly understand Mateo is Vanessa. 

She and Daniel won’t be clearing things up between each other anytime soon, but Mateo and Vanessa need each other.

They have an unspoken bond and understanding, and I love how supportive they are of each other even when it’s technically “frowned upon.”

It’s still unclear where this relationship is going — will it turn romantic or will they simply become the best duo in the industry?

Her character is slightly confusing because sometimes, the writers make Vanessa seem like a villain, and other times, her actions seem rational and level-headed. It’s almost as if there’s no in-between. 

I did tell them the truth. Everything I said is exactly what happened. Now, you may not like how to truth makes you look, but mirrors can be cruel sometimes.


Her tell-all was born from a place of anger that Daniel lied to her about how or when he met Noa, but when he confronted her about it, she explained that she was truthful and wanted to clear up her public image. 

If that’s the case, it seems pretty reasonable to want to offer up your side of the story.

Daniel has been so laser-focused on himself and how the media attention is affecting him, he never stopped to think that it could be giving Vanessa a bad rap or hindering her business. 

The Garcia family attempted to resolve many solutions with fists and violence as Daniel hit journalist Kurt, Natalie got into a fight with a girl at school who was shaming her family and calling them “Garciadiggers,” and the Raf and Mari took a hammer to a wall after falling for a business scam. 

Daniel: It’s just a lot. And I can’t believe how well you handle the pressure day after day, especially when they make it so personal. It feels like you can’t…
Noa: Breathe?
Daniel: Yeah.

Daniel messed up when he let his anger take control. The paparazzi are instigators — they want you to lose your cool. It’s happened to many celebrities, which seems to explain why it wasn’t as big of an issue for Noa’s brand as Vanessa’s tell-all.  

She was very understanding as she told him that she’s had way more time to learn how to deal with the paps. 

When it comes to Natalie, well, her situation is a bit controversial. I’ll say, there’s something important about a girl knowing how to stand up for and defend herself.

Natalie has been very timid and diffident, so I loved seeing her refuse to let someone walk all over her. 

As a small business owners, you have to prepared for everything and the worst. Raf and Mari’s business expansion didn’t go as planned, but that’s life.

Falling for a scam, hitting a gas pipe, and then shutting down due to asbestos were all small setbacks on the road to the dream. 

Let this serve as your reminder to read all paperwork before signing and to check a company’s Yelp reviews before agreeing to do business with them. 

And while their frustrations were valid, they shouldn’t have taken them out on their children. 

Then, there’s Lewis, who came clean about his prostate cancer to Piper. He’s been delaying treatment, which is worrisome, but it’s understandable as starting treatment makes it real. 

Lewis loves to have everything under control, and this is one thing that he cannot control or manage. 

He’s also buying himself some time before he drops the bombshell on Noa, but one thing he could learn from Daniel is that there’s really never a good time to upend someone’s world. 

The episode wasn’t one of my favorites. It felt clunky and all over the place, but it progressed the story along, and that’s all one can ever hope for. 

Daniel and Noa may be taking a break, but their relationship is far from over. Will absence make the heart grow fonder? I think it might help them realize their feelings are more than infatuation!

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below, TV Fanatics. 

And be sure to watch The Baker and the Beauty online to catch up on episodes now! 

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