The Comey Rule’s Chilling Teaser Previews Trump and Comey’s Infamous Conflict


Why are there four guys with ties to Russia on one presidential campaign? We’re going to find out in Showtime’s new limited series, The Comey Rule.

Showtime has dropped the first teaser trailer for their politically charged series about former FBI Director James Comey and the intense conflict with President Donald Trump, and this series is clearly not going to pull any punches. Though we don’t see much of Brendan Gleeson, who plays Trump, we do get some ominous shots and a few audio clips of him, which are frankly, spot on — right down to his claims that the FBI has it in for him.

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Meanwhile, Jeff Daniels‘ Comey begins digging into the personnel on Trump’s campaign only to make some startling discoveries. From that unforgetable photo of Trump whispering in Comey’s ear during their handshake photo to the infamous dinner where Trump allegedly asked Comey for his loyalty, this series promises to dig up all the political dirty laundry we saw aired on the nightly news back in 2017.  

The Comey Rule will now air on back-to-back nights, Sunday, Sept. 27 and Monday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c, on Showtime. 

Jeff Daniels, <em>The Comey Rule</em>Jeff Daniels, The Comey Rule

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