‘The Good Fight’ Season 6 Features a Fun Eli Gold-Diane Lockhart Exchange

In its sixth and final season, The Good Fight still does what it does best: take on the ever-shifting battle over social issues with outrage and humor.

The brilliant topical legal satire’s final episodes look out at the world through the eyes of exhausted Chicago lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) — with a fear that civil war is in the offing.

“Where do you find your optimism?” the always blunt Eli Gold (Alan Cumming, guest starring this season) asks at one point. The sardonic answer is pure Lockhart: “In a hallucinogenic drug called PT-108.”

Meanwhile, legacy partner Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald) deals with the firm’s flamboyantly pushy new name partner Ri’Chard (Andre Braugher). John Slattery also joins the cast.

With conflict in the firm and fighting in the streets, is all lost? Not with Diane around. As she tells Liz at one point, “I’m feeling it…that most dangerous feeling: hope.”

The Good Fight, Sixth and Final Season Premiere, Thursday, September 8, Paramount+

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