The Magicians Season 5 Will Feature an Episode That’s ‘Essentially an Eliot Movie’


Hale Appleman has some very exciting news to share about Season 5 of The Magicians. In a recent chat with TV Guide, he let it slip that Eliot stans can now rejoice because Episode 6 of the upcoming season is, “essentially, an Eliot movie.”

The ripple effects of Quentin’s (Jason Ralph) death are still ongoing in Season 5, and Appleman said that every character is dealing with that massive loss in a different way. In terms of Eliot, “the specificity in the writing, of what he’s literally going through, moment to moment, is more than he’s ever had before,” said Appleman. Particularly in Episode 6, he felt like Sera Gamble, showrunner of The Magicians, “was crawling through the folds of my brain, and putting a magnifying glass on some of the thoughts I had actually had about Eliot’s baggage” as early as the pilot.

Appleman guaranteed that Eliot’s grief isn’t shoehorned into that single episode, though. There’s a new character introduced this season, by way of magical circumstance, who “Eliot can reveal some of his innermost feelings to — not quite a therapist, but someone who is there to echo and mirror aspects of Eliot’s psychology that he isn’t always comfortable expressing.”

Appleman wouldn’t say much more about the new character but teased, “it’s an actor that I really love working with, and it’s a really interesting way of revealing Eliot.”

Read more about Eliot’s journey in Season 5 of The Magicians here.

The Magicians Season 5 premieres Jan. 15 at 10/9c on Syfy.

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