‘The Simpsons’ Family Raises The Ukrainian Flag In New Cartoon

The Simpsons just released a commissioned image of the animated cartoon family in support of Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

A photo tweet sent from the Simpson’s official account depicts Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie holding Ukrainian flags in unison with a caption reading, “#TheSimpsons #Simpsons #Ukraine.”

Al Jean, Simpson’s executive producer, said the creation of political images isn’t common in the animated sitcom’s repertoire. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine proved to be an appropriate exception.

“We don’t do this very often, only very rarely when there’s something… extremely important for a cause that could not be bigger,” Jean said.

The cartoon was drawn by animator and director David Silverman who has been with the show since its inception in 1989.

Show producer Jim Brooks called creator Matt Groening, Jean and Silverman to create the image to express their solidarity with the independent Eastern European nation.

“It’s meant to show we care about what’s going on and have enormous sympathy for the people of Ukraine and want this to stop,” Jean added.

The animated Fox sitcom has gained a reputation in recent years for predicting historical events with uncanny accuracy years, even decades, ahead.

Recently, Twitter users unearthed a clip from an episode titled “Simpson Tide” from 1998, joking the Soviet Union never dissolved and that the Berlin Wall magically resurfaced.

The longest-running American sitcom has also forecasted events like Donald Trump’s presidency, the Disney-Fox merger, Super Bowl victors, and even Tom Hanks endorsing the United States government.

Sometimes life is not stranger than fiction.

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