‘The Watchful Eye’ Recap: Season 1 Finale — Renewed or Cancelled?

The Watchful Eye‘s (season? series?) finale on Monday revealed who was behind Alice Greybourne Ward’s death, then turned another resident of the Greybourne building into a murderer.

After Darcy delivered a damning note written by Ali about how scared she was of what her husband Matthew might do to her, Scott arrested Elena’s employer-turned-paramour. Meanwhile, Elena’s mother was putting pressure on her daughter to finish the job and split Mrs. Ivey’s money with her or she’d take Elena’s brother away for good. But Mrs. Ivey argued that she couldn’t take out $5 million dollars on the day Matthew got arrested. Then when James kidnapped Elena — she was having a very bad day, OK?! — she got the full story, which she took to Tory to help free Matthew in exchange for the $5 million.

Ali wanted to open the family trust up to a branch of the family that had been excluded, but the review would put Mrs. Ivey’s legitimacy at risk, seeing as how the nanny was her biological mother. Thus, Mrs. Ivey wanted the problem taken care of — but she didn’t wanted Ali dead, she insisted to Tory when confronted.

It was Tory’s “dolt of a husband,” Dick, who took things too far when Mrs. Ivey asked him to dissuade Ali from opening the trust. Dick was so desperate to get on the board that he prescribed Ali anti-anxiety meds that would cause her to have hallucinations and appear unstable before the board. But instead, they made her suicidal, and Dick watched her jump to her death. (His daughter, Darcy, faked the note from Alice.)

Tory got that confession out of Dick after she poisoned his smoothie, only giving him the antidote after he told her the truth. Then Dick stupidly added that it was all worth it because look what they’d gained, and he’d do it again. Distraught by Dick’s ugly words about her sister, Tory picked up a pair of scissors and repeatedly stabbed her husband.

When Elena walked in on the bloody scene, Tory announced, “We’re going to need a shovel.”

The Watchful Eye viewers, what did you think of the finale’s twist ending? Did it make you eager for a Season 2? (The show has yet to be renewed or cancelled.)


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