This Love Is Blind Clip Shows Jessica Melting Down in a Wedding Gown


Shopping for a wedding dress is often an emotional experience, but usually the tears are happy ones. Jessica on Netflix’s Love Is Blind is catching her breath for very different reasons.

In this exclusive clip from Episode 8 of Love Is Blind (part of Netflix’s second batch of episodes, which are now available to stream), Jessica joins Lauren, Amber, Giannina, and Kelly at a wedding boutique to try on gowns, and the experience is overwhelming for all the wrong reasons.

“Whoa. This doesn’t feel right. This one doesn’t feel right,” she tells the woman who helps her with the fitting. “It feels really pretty.”

Although she’s clearly in distress, Jessica goes out to the waiting area to show off the look to the other ladies. After they offer some praise for the selection, she admits, “This dress is doing things to me.”

Giannina, aka Gigi, reads the situation very well right away and asks, “Do you want to be in that dress?” At that point, Jessica admits she isn’t sure.

Love Is Blind on Netflix: Which Couple(s) Will Get Married?

There’s always been a bit of a question mark looming over Jessica and Mark’s relationship, even going back to the pods, when she seemed ready to commit to Barnett instead of Mark. After Jessica accepted Mark’s proposal and the two finally had some face-to-face time, she still seemed to be on the fence about whether he was really what she wanted. Judging by this moment, it doesn’t appear that dressing the part is making her any more sure about it. Will her feelings change (again) before the big day? We’ll find out soon enough!

Love Is Blind Episodes 1-9 are now available on Netflix. The Season 1 finale will arrive on Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 27.

<em>Love Is Blind</em>Love Is Blind

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