This Tough as Nails Sneak Peek Is a Real-Life Nightmare for Anyone Afraid of Heights


Reality television has been go-to comfort watching for many of us during the global pandemic and one of the most uplifting, faith-restoring shows to come along is CBS’s Tough as Nails, hosted and produced by Phil Keoghan. The show celebrates Americans who get their workout on the job and in the course of the show’s assigned tasks, their strength, endurance, agility and mental toughness are tested.

We got an exclusive look at an upcoming challenge that involves a rescue — yes, it’s a dummy, not a real person — but that still counts! The kicker: the contestants have to perform the task at the top of utility poles. Those with a fear of heights will be glad they’re watching from home.’s Malcolm Venable visited the set and tried this challenge too — see how he did and then think about how you’d handle a mid-air rescue. 

Tune in to watch all the real-life helpers when Tough as Nails airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

<em>Tough as Nails</em>Tough as Nails

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