[VIDEO] ‘The Power’: Toheeb Jimoh on Tunde and Ndudi in Episode 6

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Power Episode 6. Proceed at your own risk!

From this week’s grim episode of The Power emerged at least one bright spot: a new romance between Tunde (played by Ted Lasso‘s Toheeb Jimoh) and Ndudi (newcomer Heather Agyepong).

In the hour, streaming now on Prime Video, Tunde returned from investigating the use of the biologically produced electrical shocks by women in Saudi Arabia. He then attended a friend’s wedding where he met up with Ndudi, who he hadn’t seen since she was hospitalized after being unexpectedly struck by the power (an injury that was partially Tunde’s fault).

After some light banter, Ndudi said, “You have everything you’ve ever wanted,” and Tunde remarked, “Not everything,” before smirking and offering her a drink. There was a little discussion of Tunde’s recent travels, a little intensification of their chemistry, and then the sex scene that followed told us exactly what we speculated from the premiere: Ndudi has always had feelings for Tunde, it just took him a while to notice.

In the video above, Jimoh and Agyepong tell TVLine about their characters’ budding romance, with Jimoh admitting that he was waiting for his character to realize the feelings he’d had for Ndudi all long.

“Sometimes when something is this close to you, you kind of take it for granted and you don’t really see it,” Jimoh says in the video above. “And it isn’t until Tunde goes out and sees the rest of the world, and is kind of broken out of his sheltered little privileged bubble that he’s lived in his entire life and sees everything else, that he comes back and he realizes that this relationship that he’s now missing out on is nurturing, is his safe space, and this is somebody who he cares about ultimately.”

Agyepong then opens up about the way the show honors Ndudi’s needs throughout the episode.

“Ndudi wants Tunde from the jump, but she’s just trying to figure that out,” she says. “She’s scared. She’s fearful. She’s fearful of rejection, but the next time you see her after Tunde’s gone on his journey, she knows exactly what she wants. There’s a confidence and an inner strength,” Agyepong says. “She gets what she wants, and there is a beautiful celebration in that.”

Check out the video above to hear Jimoh and Agyepong talk about their characters’ relationship, as well as Agyepong’s thoughts on what she did — and didn’t — want to do while portraying Ndudi’s trauma. Then head to the comments to let us know how you feel!

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