Which Couples Are Still Together? (PHOTOS)

Chelsea only had ears for Kwame in the pods, but he was hurt by the rejection from Micah. That said, Chelsea wasn’t his second choice. Throughout the dates, their interest in each other was clear. He even admitted to the other men (and Micah) that Micah was the kind of person he usually went for.

Eventually, he realized that going for the same mold as before would only repeat past unsuccessful relationship patterns.

“It’s not just that you want to be loved. It’s how you want to be loved,” he told the cameras, saying Chelsea was who he really needed.

Chelsea agreed that their bond was the spiritual, rare thing they had both heard of but never felt. The joy on their faces after meeting made it clear these two had no engagement regrets. That is, until Mexico came along.

With Kwame’s feelings for Micah still prevalent, their engagement seemed endangered. Chelsea and Kwame patched things up by Episode 5, and the new episodes showed how the real world would change their life together.

Chelsea’s family were fully supportive of Kwame, but Kwame couldn’t say the same of his mother, who was “angry” with him for taking part in the experiment. She refused to meet Chelsea, and Kwame feared walking down the aisle on shaky ground with his mom.

Another concern was moving to Seattle. Kwame had a life he loved in Portland, Oregon, but his job being completely remote while Chelsea’s required her to stay in Seattle meant he had to move. He often expressed disdain for having to make what he saw as the bigger and more frequent “sacrifices.”

In the new trailer, Chelsea finds her wedding dress and later asks Kwame a loaded question. “I love you with all my heart,” Kwame says, to which she responds, “Will you say yes to me without your mom’s approval?”

Kwame and Chelsea don’t follow each other on social media, but Instagram activity shows they were both at a boat party with other Season 4 couples. Photos from Instagram stories show Kwame wearing a lavender beanie on the boat, with Chelsea seemingly sitting right beside him off-camera in a matching lavender puffer jacket.

The Love Is Blind cast members are known not to follow their partners on Instagram so as to keep their social activity spoiler-free.
Could they still be together post-weddings?

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