Why Is Dean in ‘The Winchesters’ Episode 8 Photo? — TV Questions

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including NCIS: Los Angeles, The Bachelor, How I Met Your Father and Poker Face!

That '70s Show Cast That '90s Show

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1 | Wait, the entire cast of That ’70s Show was on set to film That ’90s Show at the same time, and the Powers That Be neglected to write them into a scene together? That’s revival malpractice!

2 | Having cancelled nearly a dozen scripted originals to date (most recently freshman YA dramas One of Us Is Lying and Vampire Academy), what are the chances a Peacock Original ever reaches Season 3?

3 | Between Big Sky and S.W.A.T. and to a degree even The Neighborhood, has TV made cornhole just too damn stressful?? Related: Why so much cornhole this month, TV?

4 | Fire CountryAs Photoshopped prop photos go, this Fire Country one (of a younger Vince/Billy Burke and Luke/Michael Trucco) is pretty bad, eh? Like, is Burke’s head literally glue-stick’d on?

5 | Was Anna Torv’s surprisingly early exit from The Last of Us essentially spoiled by last week’s closing credits, when we saw that she was listed as a mere guest star? And where did Ellie get that Panera-quality chicken sandwich?

6 | Was Madison, The Bachelor‘s sobbing stalker, a plant by the producers to liven up an otherwise dull season premiere? No one could honestly be that clueless, could they?

7 | Now that we know The Good Doctor‘s Shaun and Lea are having a boy, is there any chance the baby won’t be named after Shaun’s late brother Steve? Or after Dr. Glassman? Or both (Steve Aaron Murphy)?

8 | Alert viewers, anyone else worried that the gash on NotKeith’s cheek just ain’t healing? Also, would you have written the same, not-entirely-accurate report as Nikki, letting little Andy be with his “mom”?

9 | WWE RawWWE RAW fans, did this brief moment leave you craving another Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker match? Also, do you think Undertaker asked Bray what shampoo he uses after this?

10 | Now that Adult Swim has cut ties with Rick and Morty co-creator/voice actor Justin Roiland, can we go ahead and have Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox take over the title roles? At least temporarily?

11 | In the second Accused episode, was Megan Boone’s character telling the surrogate WHO HAD JUST BEEN ON TRIAL FOR KIDNAPPING HER BABY that she could maybe one day visit the kid one generous bridge too far?

12 | HIMYF BleepOn How I Met Your Father, what do we think brings Barney to the suburbs? Has he moved out of the city with his daughter Ellie? Or perhaps he’s visiting with loved ones (such as Ted and Tracy, Marshall and Lily, or his father Jerome)? And were you hoping closed captioning would reveal the extended, bleeped-out punchline as Ellen revealed the phrase coined by exes Charlie and Valentina?

13 | Was it all kinds of wrong that FBI‘s Maggie — of all the agents! — was put in the position of having to (barely) disarm a biological weapon up close?

14 | On Tuesday’s Night Court, did Dan and Abby’s heart-to-heart about Abby’s alcoholism go a long way toward selling you on the revival? And if American Auto, now in Season 2, is unable to retain Night Court‘s audience, should NBC consider giving fellow freshman multi-cam Lopez vs. Lopez a Tuesday-night tryout?

15 | The Winchesters DeanAfter the latest episode of The Winchesters, what’s your theory on Dean’s appearance in that photo?

16 | Frasier fan/TVLine reader Caroline asks: Anyone getting the sense that Frasier will be a college professor in the Paramount+ revival? His new friend is a university professor, his nephew is a college freshman….

17 | Is Sunday, March 26 — with premieres set for Succession Season 4 on HBO and Yellowjackets Season 2 on Showtime — now the most highly anticipated day of the year, or at least the spring? And which will you watch first that night?

18 | Since Teen Wolf‘s Jeff Davis isn’t going to tell us (boo!), who do you think Eli’s mother is?

19 | Even though she warned us, were you surprised — perhaps even disappointed — by how little Sarah Michelle Gellar was featured in the first episode of Wolf Pack?

20 | If Poker Face‘s Sterling Frost Jr. could install hidden cameras in the high roller’s suite, why would he need Charlie at all? Why not just set up a camera and read the high roller’s cards? And did the second episode feature perhaps the largest Subway sandwich shop you have ever seen?

21 | Kimmel Anniversary VideoIf 2023 Jimmy Kimmel has the ability to be interviewed by 2003 Jimmy Kimmel (watch video), can we all agree technology has come too far?

22 | Should Call Me Kat make Jack McBrayer a series regular? Or have you already had your fill of Amish man Gideon?

23 | Couldn’t NBC’s promo department have teased the end of SVU without using highly misleading footage that wasn’t even in the episode?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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