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Eileen Shapiro & Jimmy Star founded WorldStarPR.

World Star PR is an AWARD WINNING PR FIRM which has been handling and coordinating publicity, promotions, & marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry – television, radio, motion pictures, theatre, music, dance, publishing, concert tours and special events on local and international levels for 8 years. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and the UK, the agency can serve all public relation needs with the personal approach which we feel is the most effective method of achieving desired results in this highly competitive field.

We are adept at working in harmony with artists’ managers, publicity departments of television networks, movie companies, local TV stations, cable services, corporate sponsors and underwriters, as well as with publicity representatives and managers for personalities. We are proud of our ability to direct and coordinate major publicity/promotion campaigns in which diverse publicity organizations are involved. We know how to disseminate the flow of information so that those who should be informed are informed.

Since we are based in New York, Los Angeles and the UK, we are in a position to create, execute and coordinate national and international publicity/promotion/marketing campaigns on behalf of nationally and internationally televised specials and series, as well as movies and concerts. A majority of the trade and consumer publications and broadcast media are located in New York and/or Los Angeles, and our day-to-day relationships with key personnel in these media give us quick and absolute access to them.

A public relations program can be simple or very complex, depending on a client’s objectives. Initially, we meet with new clients to determine their public relations needs. We identify the audience they want to reach, develop a strategy, and outline tactics through which the Agency will carry out the client’s specially-tailored program.

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The Moment We Receive a Deposit, Our Agency is Equipped to Deliver the Following Services:
• Setting interviews for national & local placement
• Arranging media tours, telephone interviews & servicing material for market-by-market national placement
• Arranging press screenings of movies &/or TV programs
• Planning press conferences
• Press Release Writing & Distribution
• Supervising and servicing all photography
• Creating, planning & executing special events
• Writing speeches & presentations
• Selecting Television Clips
• Music Promotion/Interviews
• Social Media Management
• Digital Marketing & Publicity
• Business Marketing & Public Relations
• Booking local and national TV/radio talk shows
• Planning and coordinating on-location press activities for live events, including concerts, conventions and pageants
• Consulting/Image Building/Branding
• Feature Film (Theatrical and Home Entertainment) Publicity and Promotion
• Web Series Publicity and Promotion
• Social Media Training
• Author/Book Promotion
• Event Management/Marketing and Promotion
• Media Relations

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