Actress & Pop Star Ozzie Aziz on “The Jimmy Star Show” October 15, 2014

Archive Image of Interview with Billboard Charting Pop Star & Actress Ozzie Aziz on “The Jimmy Star Show” October 15, 2014. Scroll down to see snippets, videos, and links about Ozzie Aziz.

Actress/Singer Ozzie Aziz and Sleepy Hollow Actor Neil Jackson on The Jimmy Star Show from Jimmy Star Show on Vimeo

Thank you Ozzie Aziz for another Amazing and Exciting Interview!! We always enjoy your candid support of underdogs and outcasts, hearing about your travels, and all your new projects!
~ Everyone at “The Jimmy Star Show”!
Ozzie Aziz IMDB

Note: Look for the personal reviews of Jimmy Star, Ron Russell, Deidra Sarego, or Chad Murphy below in the comments section…they are always there. You listen to “The Jimmy Star Show.” They listen to you.

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Interview begins approximately 15 minutes in.

Ozzie Aziz Let Me Be Me

Ozzie Aziz “Kiss It Better” from “Phoenix Falling,” Club Acheron Scene.

Ozzie Aziz is a long time friend of Jimmy Star and is on “The Jimmy Star Show” ones to watch list. Rarely is there a talent that gets to enjoy the work while they make it like Ozzie Aziz. Ozzie Aziz’s talent is only limited by the amount of time she has to start new projects. The professionalism, loyalty, and continued quality of work by Ozzie Aziz stuns critics and her fans with every new project.

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