Award Winning Writer & Actor Neil Jackson from “Quantum of Solace” & “Sleepy Hollow” on “The Jimmy Star Show” October 15, 2014

Archive Image of Interview with Award Winning Writer & Actor Neil Jackson from “Quantum of Solace” on “The Jimmy Star Show” October 15, 2014. Scroll down to see other interviews, snippets, videos, and links about Neil Jackson.

Actress/Singer Ozzie Aziz and Sleepy Hollow Actor Neil Jackson on The Jimmy Star Show from Jimmy Star Show on Vimeo

Thank you Neil Jackson for an insightful interview about your many skills and projects!! Thank you to Sleepy Hollow for scaring us in the most entertaining way!
~ Everyone at “The Jimmy Star Show”!
Neil Jackson IMDB
Sleepy Hollow Official Website
Neil Jackson Press Release For “The Jimmy Star Show”

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Interview begins approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in.

Neil Jackson Season 2 “Sleepy Hollow” Interview

Neil Jackson “Holding a Candle”

Neil Jackson “Rocket To Mars” Directed By Andrew Lee Potts

Neil Jackson is a triple threat and is on “The Jimmy Star Show” ones to watch list. Neil Jackson‘s diverse work and humble approach to his craft are leading somewhere we know you’ll all like. Everyone behind the scenes wishes Neil Jackson the best in everything he does!

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