9 Top Influencers You Should Follow in 2020

W​ith the opportunities digital media continues to present, there are many influencers we can choose to follow who teach us something and help us live better, more fulfilling lives. As the scale of influence and social media continue to broaden, many influencers are finding that their audiences are looking towards engagement as a form of entertainment and education in our digitally charged world.

Two thousand twenty has been a year for the books. As we move forward to closing out one of the most confusing yet enlightening years for a lot of us, these nine influencers in no particular order have raised the bar on what is possible when it comes to content and engagement.

1​. Simonetta Lein

Top Model, TV personality, and philanthropist Simonetta Lein is known globally as one of the top 5 women fashion influencers worldwide. With an eye on fashion and a passion for causes, Simonetta @simonettalein dares to be different by combining high fashion with messages of empowerment. “Women’s empowerment and mental health are incredibly important to me,” says Simonetta. “I enjoy creating a platform that is accepting while also having an edge.” Founder of The Wishwall Foundation and creator of The Simonetta Lein Show, a program that highlights subjects outside of the mainstream media, Simonetta uses her influence for the good of others.

2​. Ali Levine

Ali Levine @alilevinedesign is a TV personality, On Camera Expert, Celeb stylist, and podcaster who believes your best look comes from confidence. A trusted lifestyle expert, who’s become a household name, influencer and mom, Ali talks about everything from family to fashion, travel to self-care. “Confidence is your best accessory,” states Ali. “I am dedicated to sharing my truth so that my followers feel just as comfortable sharing theirs.” With Ali, you can expect a realness and authenticity inspired by motherhood and her love for all things fashion. Whether it’s through pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, or day to day life, Ali puts it all out there.

3​. Jay Shetty

A​ former monk Jay Shetty has captivated the world with his storytelling abilities related to mental health and life purpose. Believing that peace and purpose are behind a positive mindset, Jay has inspired countless individuals through his account @jayshetty, where he talks about love, relationships, and gratitude and how these concepts directly affect our lives. A guest on the Ellen Show Jay has revolutionized the way we think about ancient principles regarding self-improvement.

4​. Jamile Davies

C​EO of The Alpha Project Jamile Davies is a fitness, and lifestyle influencer focused on mental, physical, and emotional intelligence. Recognized by USA Today as one of the most powerful women in the world, Jamile @jamiledavies creates content that talks about fitness with a fashionable twist. “I fully embrace the unique qualities we have as women,” explains Jamile. “Women can be strong and beautiful, which is at the core of what I create.” Inspired by positivity and how women can incorporate it into their own lives, Jamile sets a new standard on what we mean by strong.

5​. Lillee Jean

L​illee Jean @lilleejean is an actor who has jumped full speed into the world of social media with her passion for beauty and skincare. Lillee genuinely enjoys creating skincare and makeup tutorials giving people the confidence to shine. “I love showing my fans new products and giving them honest reviews,” says Lillee. “I think it is essential to be yourself, so while my focus is beauty, I do address topics my followers face in their day-to-day, including mental health, anxiety, and bullying.” Appreciating that she can connect with her followers, Lillee has grown her following to an astonishing one million.

6​. Yilena Hernandez

Work hard, play hard, Yilena Hernandez @yilena_hernandez shares content for the modern and powerful woman. The CEO of multiple companies, including Yilena Luxury Beauty, Yilena is an entrepreneur who believes anything is possible so long as you put your mind to it. Yilena explains, “There is so much opportunity out there. The question is, are you going to go after it?” Vibrant and edgy, what Yilena delivers is a look into the lifestyle of a hardworking woman passionate about beauty and lifestyle. Yilena takes a no holds barred approach making her content captivating and bold.

7​. Gary Vee

Arguably the founding father of social media influence, Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee is the CEO of Vayner Media and Vayner Sports. Known for his humble beginnings at his parent’s liquor store, Gary saw the immense opportunity in digital media early on. Gary identified the internet as a “land grab” of opportunity and educated others on creating and optimizing content that provides financial returns. Short and usually not-so-sweet, it is unlikely that Gary will step down from his guru status anytime soon.

8​. Francesca Leto

TV personality and entrepreneur Francesca Leto @letofrancesca shares all things beauty, fashion, and travel, speaking with the authenticity of a real-life mother and woman. “Opening up my life on Instagram has been one of the most rewarding experiences because I believe so much in inspiration through positivity,” says Francesca. “I aim to create a community of women aware of their potential unafraid to chase possibilities.” Brave and unfiltered, Francesca is as beautiful as she is motivating. Francesca explains, “a happy life starts from within. I intend to help others see that for themselves.”

9​. Thomas Beggs

President and CEO of Worldwide Precious Metals Thomas Beggs has been recognized as one of Canada’s top CEOs. Hardworking and incredibly sharp when it comes to financial markets, Thomas has consulted thousands of clients on protecting and increasing their wealth through safe-haven assets such as gold, silver, and diamonds. “I chose this career because I believe in resilience through change,” states Thomas. A respected leader in investments and market volatility, Thomas’s knowledge has become increasingly valuable through the pandemic.

As social media and influence go hand-in-hand, these influencers continue to not only grow their audiences but create community at the same time. 2020 is all about building community digitally, and these influencers have proved it is more than possible.

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