Britney Spears Shows Support For Former Fling Wade Robson – Michael Jackson Fans Are FURIOUS!

Well, Britney Spears is certainly no stranger to controversy… but even she may have stepped it up a level this time!

There is only one pop star we can think of who’s more hotly debated than Brit — and that’s the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Despite the years of evidence given about MJ’s alleged abuse of children at the Neverland Ranch, plenty of fans still believe in his innocence. And they are coming for Britney since she finally weighed in on the matter.

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Brit signaled her allegiance by voicing her support for Wade Robson. Sharing a video he made a couple weeks back promoting his From Trauma To Triumph podcast, she wrote gushing, if rambling, words about her old friend:

“Watch until the end… It warms my heart to see an older man take his time to even speak on such a subject!!! Come on let’s talk about ??? … there is trauma and then there is TRAUMA !!!”

While she doesn’t mention Michael, it’s clear the trauma which inspired Robson to name his podcast. The dancer has long been open with his allegations against the Leave Me Alone singer, including in the powerful Leaving Neverland documentary. Here’s the full video, btw — Brit deleted her post already, but it’s obviously still up on his page:

Britney said about Wade’s podcast guest in the preview clip, Dr. Peter A. Levine:

“The thing I thought was beautiful is that he said it’s not necessary at all to remember the details of your trauma!!!”

Yes, she’s back to bringing up her own alleged abuse during the years of her conservatorship, under the thumb of her father and without the basic rights of bodily autonomy. She explained:

“For 13 years I was forced to see doctors and talk about my personal life against my will and I was right the whole time !!! You take it to God and if God isn’t listening, like when I was in that place for 4 months against my will … literally not okay at all !!! I took it to a place of strength no one should ever be burdened with … it was the state of mind of desperation and fear and loss of all the people I loved and would die for if no one were around !!!”

About not remembering? She says she would rather not — but swears she won’t abuse drugs or alcohol to forget:

“I don’t want to remember those things … but I see now I can’t face my past, how do I move forward if I don’t know where I’ve been ??? It’s called I block it out and just survive, that’s when kids turn to substances because they can’t accept the reality !!! I realized I f**king hate alcohol and I’m sorry to let the news peeps down but I don’t do drugs !!! I don’t take drugs !!!”

The Toxic singer mostly wanted to shout out Dr. Levine’s words, concluding her post:

“When I was younger, I felt fearless. I’m older now and things have changed and I wish the world would too !!! I have one therapist … I probably don’t talk to him as much but I wanted to share this because it genuinely touched my heart to see this older man speak on something that’s incredibly sensitive to my heart !!! There is a complete understanding of what he is saying and I think I’m gonna cry for the rest of my life now!!! God bless you”

She obviously was focused on her more recent trauma and not Wade’s MJ stuff. Of course, Britney and Wade have their own controversial history. See, Wade was the dancer Britney had a fling with when she was dating Justin Timberlake back in the day. It was that cheating scandal that led JT to do his infamous spite bop Cry Me A River — and maybe even the IRL version of the revenge in the music video.

So it’s fascinating she chose to post a video which, while focusing on a guest’s words, did very much plug Wade’s podcast. Especially since she’s supported Michael Jackson in the past. MJ’s fans clearly felt betrayed because they went HARD for her on social media! Here’s a sampling:

“oh britney jean spears… out of everybody you could’ve used as an example of a victim with trauma you used a liar that exploited Michael’s death with a f**k ass documentary knowing that Michael couldn’t defend himself ??”

“Disappointed yet not surprised given that she was having an affair with him whilst Brandi was still with him”

“Britney must’ve known what it was like to be in Michael’s shoes, as she also suffered from the same “price of fame” and “personal abuses” Michael went through. And Michael suffered, was bullied, was demonized way too much and far more. I can never accept what she did this time.”

“She will delete this, she’s always been a huge supporter of Michael. Let’s wish for the best”

Well… we mean that last one was right, she did delete. Though when you’re talking about someone who deletes almost all her posts, that isn’t necessarily a sign she retracts the statement.

Do YOU think Britney meant this as implicit support of Wade’s longstanding allegations against Michael? Or just for Wade and his podcast generally? Is it possible to do one without the other??

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