Brooke Averick And Connor Wood 20 Questions


What’s the most surprising challenge you face in work or in regular life as an internet personality?

Brooke: The biggest challenge, for me, is when I’m in a bad mood. I feel like I’m in a bad mood pretty often, and it’s really hard to do podcasting and be a personality when you don’t want to have a personality. But, that’s also something to work on! God gives her toughest battles to her strongest warriors. 

Connor: I think the biggest challenge for us is getting people different places. Our videos started under the TMG network on YouTube, and now we’re getting people to go over to our new channel. We’re seeing challenges with moving people, but they are moving in a big way. There’s that thing of needing to establish our own space.

Brooke: Are you plugging the new space right now?

Connor: I’m plugging the new space! We have our own YouTube channel now. We’re still with TMG Studios and were so blessed to have a Kickstarter with Cody and Noel, but we made the decision to move over and build, build, build. So, now we’re calling people over to Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast to broadcast our own channel. It’s been massive, honestly, growth-wise, but we gotta keep pushing, pushing, pushing it. 

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