Captain Lee Rosbach’s Fate on Below Deck Revealed

Is Captain Lee Rosbach jumping ship forever?

After the longtime Below Deck star announced he’s leaving the season 10 charter due to ongoing nerve issues affecting his ability to walk, his fate on the hit Bravo series was revealed on the Dec. 19 episode.

“My mind’s there, my heart’s there, my body just won’t cooperate,” he told the crew. “I’ve never quit, and this time I have to.”

After revealing he already had his ticket to fly home later that day to get medical treatment, he cheered everyone up by informing them it’s a roundtrip ticket.

“I’m gonna go back to the States, get this straightened out, and as soon as I do I’ll be on the first plane back here,” he shared before jokingly adding, “and I’ll tell whoever is on board to get the f–k off. I apologize. I probably overstayed longer than I should have, but I’m pretty f–king stubborn.”

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