Cara Delevingne’s Parents Reveal Cause of Her Devastating House Fire

More details surrounding Cara Delevingne‘s house fire have emerged. 

The supermodel’s Los Angeles home was heavily destroyed by flames in the early hours of March 15 while Cara was in London for work. Shortly before her Cabaret performance at the Playhouse Theatre that same night, Cara’s parents Pandora and Charles Delevingne addressed the situation, sharing there was an electrical fire which had gotten out of control due to high winds in the area.

“Power lines,” Charles told a videographer while standing in line for the show, as seen in video published by TMZ. “Very windy there.”

Pandora added that Cara is “devastated” over the tragedy since she considered that property to be her home base.

“She had everything in her house—her whole life,” she explained. “She built it. She made it.” 

The 6,650-square-foot mansion caught on fire around 4 a.m. local time, according to NBC Los Angeles. Fire officials told the outlet that the flames—which started at the back of the residence—engulfed one room before spreading into the attic, leading to a roof collapse.

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