Ellen DeGeneres Documents Raging Flood Near Montecito Home

Ellen DeGeneres wants fellow residents to stay safe amid the flooding in California.

The former TV show host shared a glimpse at a raging flood near her home in Montecito, Calif., on Jan. 9. Alongside her video shared to Instagram, DeGeneres wrote that the town is “under mandatory evacuation,” adding, “We are on higher ground so they asked us to shelter in place.”

“This is the five-year anniversary from the fire and mudslides that killed so many people and people lost their homes, their lives,” she said, referring to the 2018 mudslides that killed 23 residents. “This is crazy. On the five-year anniversary, we’re having unprecedented rain.”

Showing a clear view of the fast-flowing flood nearby, she continued, “This is the creek near door to our house, it never flows, ever. It’s probably about nine feet up, and it could go another two feet up. We have horses ready to evacuate.”

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