Florida Woman Allegedly Killed Her Mother & Cut Out The Heart Because ‘She Was Mean To Me’

A Florida woman has been accused of murder after cops found her dead mother with her heart ripped out.

Last week, Earleen Tucker was taken into custody by the Tallahassee Police Department after they received reports of a nude woman running around outside her home. When they arrived, they convinced her to be escorted by police inside her home to put on clothes as she rambled about “free will,” per an affidavit obtained by Law & Crime. Before they went inside the home, Earleen allegedly said:

“I have committed a grievous crime.”

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Once inside, things got all the more serious… The affidavit stated:

“Earleen stood over an apparent human organ, which was on the ground approximately 6-8 feet in the residence past the front door. Earleen began breathing heavily and grunting as the officers asked her what that was.”


Cops tried to quickly find clothes for the 58-year-old, ultimately entering a closed bedroom in which they found her mother Lucille’s deceased body laying face-up on a bed with a massive wound in her chest. It was later determined that the organ on the hallway floor was Lucille’s heart.

Holy S**T!!!!

Detectives on the case also claimed to see trails of blood and “a knife on the dresser in Earleen’s bedroom.” As they made the discovery, Earleen apparently sat on her couch, “raised her hands,” and “put a blanket around her before appearing to nervously laugh.” Per the affidavit, she said:

“It cannot end, it will not end. The saga will continue, people, until I am in a jail cell. I have to be in prison for my actions.”

So scary. Once at the station, Earleen “mostly rambled” before claiming she’d only speak with a Black detective. Once a Black detective took over, she revealed what went down:

“During that interview, Earleen told (the detectives) she had discovered through investigation that she was a white woman and she could not give up power and control to a Black man. Earleen then spontaneously uttered, ‘I killed my mother.’ Earleen continued to ramble about killing her mother, saying she was a ‘sacrificial lamb’ and that she was ‘going to die in there with her.’”

As for why, she allegedly claimed:

“I murdered my mom in that house. She was mean to me but I didn’t care. I loved her black color but she didn’t love mine.”


Police also said that upon arrest, Earleen spoke about “cutting out her mother’s heart to inspect it.” She appeared in court on Friday and pleaded not guilty, but is being held without bond at the Leon County Detention Facility.

In the time since the gruesome murder, a family member informed police that Earleen was a healthcare worker and that her elderly mother moved in with her last year so she could provide her with care. They also revealed that over three decades ago, she was hospitalized for her mental health, followed by a second hospitalization 15 years ago in 2009.

Such scary stuff. Our hearts are with Lucille’s family. Rest in peace.

[Images via Leon County Sheriff’s Office & WTXL — Tallahassee, FL/YouTube]

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