George & Kellyanne Conway Finally Getting A Divorce: REPORT

George & Kellyanne Conway Finally Getting A Divorce: REPORT

George & Kellyanne Conway Finally Getting A Divorce: REPORT

It’s finally over, you guys!

After 22 years of marriage Kellyanne and George Conway are calling it quits. Probably the most unexplainable pair in the whole country — seriously, how did Donald Trump‘s longtime advisor and a man who regularly called him out on all his BS stay married behind closed doors these past few years without killing each other? It’s a question we may never know the answer to, but what we’re hearing is the zit finally came to a head and burst. And boy is it prepping up to get nasty.

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As we’re sure you’re aware, the couple have caught the media’s attention for years. During the 2016 election, Kellyanne served not only as Trump’s first campaign advisor, she later on became his campaign manager. But later on her lawyer hubby George co-founded the Lincoln Project with the sole intention of keeping the now-76-year-old’s grubby hands off of the Resolute desk. He’s a Republican, he’s just also interested in preserving our democracy. Shocking…

After Trump became president, Kellyanne moved up to become his senior counselor — and her 59-year-old partner tore the then-president apart on Twitter every chance he got. We’ve heard of opposites attracting, but this was seriously next level! In 2022, Vanity Fair famously wrote an article speculating this entire romance was just some big game of 3D chess:

“One of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century is the marriage of Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George — specifically, if they hate each other as much as their public commentary would suggest, or if the whole thing is some kind of three-dimensional chess designed to further their own interests.”

Checkmate, we guess?

Insiders from DC spilled to PageSix on Friday that the marriage is finally dunzo — and apparently both parties have lawyered up in preparation to hash out their differences. If things behind-the-scenes were as opposite as they seemed to the public, though, we can’t imagine George is gonna be fighting Kellyanne over her Trump 2024 flag…

Sources say the couple has tried their best to sort their marriage out, but at this point the attorney “just wants out.” Oof.

Another insider dished the impending divorce has been rumored in the Beltway for months — the news is only just now breaking. This development finally explains that cheeky moment when George joined Molly Jong-Fast on her Fast Politics podcast. Molly asked him if there was going to be a change in his life to which he responded:

“It’s possible.”

The political activist then went on to call the host a “troublemaker”! She definitely knew what was up and was trying to stir the pot…

Well, there you have it. The longstanding mystery of their relationship has finally come to a close. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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