Growth Hormone Production And Building Muscle

Growth hormone can be termed as a protein hormone that’s synthesized and is secreted by cells known as somatotrophs on the anterior pituitary. Growth hormone plays a great role in the control of some of the biggest physiologic processes such as metabolism. 

The growth hormone serves to stimulate the growth of all the tissues in the body including the bones. This hormone plays an important role in the normal physical growth of children. It rises in levels progressively during childhood and gets to its peak when a child hits puberty.

The growth hormone fuels protein synthesis and boosts the breakdown of fat in order to produce the energy needed for tissue growth. The Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) which is inhibited by somatostatin stimulates growth hormone secretion.

The growth hormone secretion is pulsatile. Surges in secretion tend to occur when one falls into deep sleep more so in the puberty stage. For a normal person, however, growth hormone secretion tends to increase as a result of reduced food intake and in response to physiological stress.

Some people experience growth hormone secretion abnormalities which entail either the overproduction or deficiency of the hormone in the body.

Deficiency Of The Growth Hormone

Having a deficiency of the growth hormone in the body can be termed as one of the causes of short stature or dwarfism in a person. It comes about as a result of damage caused on the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland when the fetus is developing, a condition known as congenital growth hormone deficiency or after birth.

Growth hormone deficiency may also come about as a result of a mutation in the genes which are responsible for the regulation of the hormone’s synthesis and secretion. The most commonly affected genes are the Pituitary-specific transcription factor 1 (PIT-1) and the prophet of PIT-1 (POUF-1).

Mutation of these genes may also reduce the synthesis and secretion of the other pituitary hormones.

Growth hormone deficiency may also be caused by a deficiency in the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). In such a case, the growth hormone secretion may end up being stimulated by an infusion of the GHRH.

Another cause of deficiency in the growth hormone is the somatotrophs not being able to produce the growth hormone or the hormone having an abnormal structure which results in it producing minimal growth-promoting activity.

Growth hormone deficiency is commonly found in children that suffer from psychosocial dwarfism which comes about as a result of severe emotional deprivation.

Growth Hormone’s Role In Building Muscle

A growth hormone helps to build, repair, and maintain healthy tissues in the brain as well as other organs. The hormone also helps boost healing after getting an injury and helps repair muscle tissues after exercise. This goes a long way in building muscle mass as well as burning fat and boosting metabolism.

Growth hormone stimulates the metabolic processes that occur in the cells in order to activate metabolism. It serves to stimulate the liver in order to form an insulin-like protein which in turn produces cartilage cells. This plays a role in organ and bone growth and muscle protein synthesis.

Although the growth hormone occurs naturally in the body, it can also be found in a synthetic form such as a supplement.

If you suffer from growth hormone deficiency, you can boost it synthetically. You can Buy Growth Hormone Support supplements for yourself or loved one today.

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