Hailey Bieber ‘Led The Charge’ To Remove Justin From Scooter Braun’s Management – But Why?!

Hailey Bieber ‘Led The Charge’ To Remove Justin From Scooter Braun’s Management – But Why?!

Hailey Bieber ‘Led The Charge’ To Remove Justin From Scooter Braun’s Management – But Why?!

Is everyone leaving Scooter Braun or not?

It’s the biggest question mark in the pop music industry at the moment as reports continue to stream out of Justin Bieber, Demi LovatoJ BalvinAriana Grande, and more exiting en masse from SB Projects.

The most confusing is also the biggest — the Biebs. The back-and-forth between Puck News, which first broke the story, and other sources has been tricky to follow. Puck said Justin and Scooter hadn’t spoken in nearly a year — and in that time the Yummy hitmaker has been working on another record without any help from Braun. Other sources defending Braun claimed Justin — and Ariana — were both still very much “under contract” with him. Puck clearly think they’re dead-on with their reporting, even going so far as to say the denial from Justin’s rep was just “a face-saving favor to Braun.”

There seems to be a narrative that Justin may have left Scooter — and the manager, busy as he is being CEO for HYBE America — just doesn’t know it yet!

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A new source spoke out to Us Weekly on Wednesday saying the split was more than just quietly slipping out the door. They claimed:

“Justin has officially let Scooter go as his manager.”

Obviously we can’t say it’s officially confirmed yet, not until someone gets hold of some paperwork or one of these two admits it publicly. But we think they mean Justin has actually ripped off the bandaid and told Scooter he was letting him go. This insider also said it’s been a LONG time coming, claiming the pop star “has been taking meetings with other managers for three years.”

THREE YEARS?!? Wow! So what changed? What made JB leave?

The source claims it was Hailey Bieber who pushed her hubby to give Scoot the boot. The way they put it, the model “led the charge that led Justin to leave him for another manager.”

Huh. We wonder what Hailey had against Scooter! If she was anyone else, we’d wonder if she was upset about what he did to Taylor Swift a few years back. But if she’s never really been part of that squad — if anything, feuding with Selena Gomez has presumably put her on the outs with Tay. Maybe it’s about those “unsavory revelations” that are being whispered to come out about Scooter? About how he deals with people in the industry? One thing we do know about Hailey is how protective of Justin she is — maybe the singer didn’t realize how poorly he was being treated?

All just guesses for the moment. Like we said, it’s still tricky. Do YOU think Justin has really left? And everyone else? Where else would all these rumors be coming from, right??

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