Jonathan Majors Says He’s ‘Shocked’ by Guilty Verdict in 1st Interview

Jonathan Majors Opens Up Following Assault and Harassment Conviction
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Jonathan Majors sat down for his first interview since being convicted of assault and harassment.

Majors, 34, spoke with ABC News anchor Linsey Davison Monday, January 8, as a segment during Good Morning America, during which he said he “felt like it was time” to share his side perspective. “A lot has happened in my personal life, in my career, in the culture,” he stated. “It’s about responsibility and coming forward and being brave and giving my part of the story.”

The interview comes nearly one month after Majors was found guilty of assault in the third degree and harassment in December 2023. The jury also found Majors not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree. The actor’s sentencing is scheduled for February 6.

When asked about the trial’s verdict, Majors said he was “absolutely shocked and afraid” by the result. “I’m standing there and the verdict comes down. I say, ‘How is that possible based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence? How is that possible?’” he questioned.

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Jonathan Majors made headlines on March 25 when he was arrested following an alleged domestic violence dispute. The New York Police Department named Majors as the aggressor in an assault involving a 30-year-old woman in a statement to Variety. “The victim informed police she was assaulted. Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident,” […]

Majors faced trial in December 2023, nine months after his arrest for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. The 31-year-old British dancer testified that she met Majors while on set of Marvel’s 2023 film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where he starred as Kang the Conqueror. She claimed that as their relationship turned romantic, it eventually became abusive.

During the trial, Jabbari claimed that Majors began attacking her while in a vehicle after she took his phone to see a text he received from another woman. She allegedly suffered a fractured finger and cut behind the ear during the altercation. Majors reportedly called 911 the following day after discovering Jabbari unconscious at his New York City penthouse, after which he was arrested.

Majors, for his part, told GMA he has “no question” that he did not cause Jabbari’s injuries. “I wish to god I knew [how they happened],” he added. “That would give clarity. That would give me some type of peace about it.”

Jonathan Majors Opens Up Following Assault and Harassment Conviction

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good arrive for closing arguments in Majors’ domestic violence trial
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Majors, whose current girlfriend, Meagan Good, stood by his side and attended the hearings, says he sustained cuts and scratches to his hands and cheek during the incident. Video of the alleged assault was shown by the prosecution during the trial and featured Majors running away from his ex after attempting to place her back in the vehicle.

“If you watch those videos and you reverse that, and you saw a Black man chasing a young white girl down the street, screaming and crying, that man is gonna be shot and killed in the streets of New York City,” he stated. “That Black man will feel that.”

Prosecutors also cited a previous argument between Majors and Jabbari during the trial, during which Majors allegedly knocked over a glass candle and berated her for speaking about a previous partner and stopped talking to her while she attended a music festival.

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“I completely lost my temper in that moment and threw it all on the ground,” Majors recalled of the past fight. “That’s not something I would want my child to do, and I did that. I absolutely did that and feel terrible about it.”

Another clip played in court featured Majors calling himself “a great man” and stating that he needed his partner to be like how Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama were and have been for their respective partners, Martin Luther King Jr. and former president Barack Obama.

Clarifying what he meant by those words, Majors told GMA, “It was me trying to give an analogy of what it is I’m aspiring to be, you know, these great men – Martin, President Obama – and trying to give a reference point to that. One of the things I also say is, like, I need her, in that case Grace, to make the same sacrifices that I am making.”

As he awaits sentencing, Majors continues to maintain his innocence. “I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have stepped out of the relationship. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship,” he explained. “If I’m not in the car, none of this is happening. If I leave the relationship, none of this is happening. If I’m man enough or brave enough to say, ‘I want to see somebody else,’ or, ‘I’m done now,’ I’m not in that car. We’re not here. I’m responsible for those things.”

Before heading to trial, Majors filed a domestic-violence counter-complaint against Jabbari in June 2023. Four months later, Jabbari was arrested on charges of assault and criminal mischief following their alleged domestic dispute. Shortly after her arrest, she was released on a desk appearance and not charged.

Since the incident, Majors’ career has been severely impacted. Before facing trial, he was let go from his talent manager, his U.S. Army ad campaign was paused and he lost his invite to the Met Gala. Majors was also being set up as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next big-bad. Majors previously had a recurring role in the Disney+ series Loki as He Who Remains in season 1 and Victor Timely in season 2.

Following his conviction, Us Weekly confirmed that Majors was fired by Marvel Studios. Majors was expected to reprise his Ant Man role as Kang the Conqueror for the upcoming film Avengers: Kang Dynasty which is scheduled to be released in 2026.

If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential support. If you have experienced sexual assault, call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 for confidential support.

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