Kanye West Trying To Fix Marriage With ‘Sweet Talk’ For Bianca Censori’s Mom – And It’s Working??

Kanye West is trying to “turn things around” in his marriage to Bianca Censori. And even more specifically, he hopes to mend fences with Bianca’s very concerned momma!

As we’ve been reporting, the 29-year-old Aussie has her family worried sick over her public appearances, actions, and clothing choices while under Ye’s sphere of influence. But to hear this new source tell it, Ye has been working overtime to calm tensions with the Censori fam. And it’s apparently been going really well?! Seriously?? Uhh… OK…

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On Monday, DailyMail.com spoke to an insider who claimed that Alexandra Censori showed up in the U.S. last week from Australia. She and her husband Leo are supposedly intent on “saving” their daughter from the Hurricane rapper. Thus, the momma bear wanted to see “for herself” whether Bianca had her life in order:

“Bianca’s mom had to see for herself after Bianca told her family she has this under control. This has been a wonderful opportunity for Alexandra to get to spend time with Bianca and assess the situation for herself.”

So, that’s big news — a mom flying halfway around the world to inquire about her 29-year-old daughter’s well-being. Then again, considering how we’ve been seeing Bianca in public for months now, it’s not out of left field. But apparently, Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband rolled out the welcome mat and righted the ship?! Srsly?! That’s what this insider claims:

“Right now is a pivotal time and Alexandra was low-key believing she would come to save her daughter. But this is not the case. Kanye has started to turn things around since the release of Vultures in the sense that he is not going off on as many unhinged rants.”

Uhhh… WTF? Kanye has “started to turn things around” and is “not going off on as many unhinged rants”?! Really?? Honestly, that part is news to us! Just saying!!

Supposedly, the Vultures rapper is on his best behavior right now, and it’s been enough to impress Alexandra. With the insider surmising that the thought of future grandchildren might be in play for the concerned momma bear, they explained:

“He also knows how to sweet talk a mom. This has been really a good experience, and everyone is so relieved to see her with Alexandra.’ … Alexandra knows that Bianca wants children, and she does not want to miss the opportunity to be a part of her grandkids lives.”

Again, WHAT?! A “really good experience”?? Are we talking about the same Kanye West here?!

The insider doubled down with one final quote in the DM report, too. They asserted that Bianca had a good week hanging out with Kim among other things, and is supposedly “in a good safe place” right now:

“This week has been really huge for Bianca in terms of growth. She has not only got the opportunity to spend time with her mom but also with the mom of her step kids. It is very maternal and she is in a good safe place. Everyone is hoping she stays here because no one wants her to go back to Kanye’s robot.”

Well, we truly hope that’s the case. Nobody is rooting for Bianca to suffer. But we are definitely skeptical that Ye could lay the charm on thick like that for Bianca’s momma — and that it would allegedly work so well. Really? Really?? What say U, Perezcious readers?! Are you buying these jaw-dropping claims??

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