Lil Tay’s Parents Reach New Agreement Allowing Her Back On Social Media – RIGHT After Death Hoax? Hmm…

There has been another big change in Lil Tay‘s life! With some inneresting timing…

After a confusing and shocking hoax announcing her death, the teenager’s parents have finally come to a new agreement related to the young rapper’s custody!

If you didn’t know, the viral sensation’s mother Angela Tian has been fighting for custody of her daughter (born Tay Tian) with Tay’s father Christopher Hope for several years now.

Tay became famous for foul-mouthed rap videos at age 8 (which were often directed by her half-brother Jason Tian, then 15 years old, now 21). Apparently this kind of non-traditional fame was a major point the parents didn’t see eye-to-eye on. Not show business in general, but the notion of a more viral sort of fame. The father wanted the now 14-year-old to have a more traditional career singing and acting, but the mother was seemingly fine to continue with the online venture.

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Back in 2018, Christopher successfully got a court order requiring Tay to stop making online content and to return to Vancouver. She had been living in Los Angeles with her mother. When the order went into effect, her social channels went dark — and have been until, well a weird, apparently hacked IG post claiming she was dead.

Christopher claimed he was doing this to protect his daughter, but the Tian family has alleged he was motivated by a desire to allegedly control Tay’s money and career. In 2020, the court allowed the rapper to move back to Los Angeles and now they’ve made another huge decision!

Per a statement released by Angela’s attorneys Lorne MacLean, K.C., and Fraser MacLean, of MacLean Law via Instagram on Friday afternoon, the parents have reached a new agreement in the custody battle that allows for the child to “advance her career.” And it 100% leans in the mother’s favor!

Angela now has “sole day-to-day and final decision-making powers and responsibilities in the best interest” of the child, who will live primarily with her mother and can relocate outside of Vancouver if the family desires. Angela is also the “person entitled to sign contracts.”

Meanwhile, Christopher will have to pay $275,000 in retroactive child support, dating back to 2014, and ongoing monthly child support (“plus additional expenses”) from here on out. He had no comment on the agreement when approached by TMZ. You can see all the exact details in full (below):

These developments are huge, especially when it comes to Lil Tay’s career!

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Many people are speculating it’s only a matter of time before Tay returns to social media (aside from her posting about this new agreement)! Angela’s boyfriend Chuck Wigg even told that Tay has been living in El Lay for months working on music, adding:

“Tay is gifted. If anyone can make it, it’s her. […] She’s been focused on her music, singing and acting, she can play the piano and guitar. She speaks and sings in Mandarin.”

Speaking to TMZ, Angela expressed a huge amount of relief to have this legal battle finalized, saying the custody issues have put her and Tay “in a constant state of severe depression.” She also slammed her baby daddy for his “disgusting financial motivation,” explaining:

“I have been financially ruined fighting for my daughter’s rights and freedom which should have never been taken away to begin with. We have won our case in court and my children and I can finally move on from this nightmare. My daughter can pursue and achieve her dreams on her own terms, and we are finally a happy family again, together.”

In a lengthier statement to the New York Post, the stage mom elaborated:

“It has been years of blood, sweat and tears — this experience has put us in a constant state of severe depression, for myself and for both of my children. Tay has had to talk to counselors for 2 hours weekly. We have dreaded every waking moment with no hope in sight for years. […] There are no words to describe the years of pain and oppression my daughter and I have suffered, and we have been ruthlessly stripped of basic rights and freedoms from the opposing party due to his disgusting financial motivations.”

As you may know, Lil Tay rocketed back into the international spotlight earlier this month when a statement was posted to her Instagram account announcing the “sudden and tragic passing” of her and her brother. The statement was revealed to be false a day later — and Meta confirmed they helped the star regain access to her account after it had been hacked.

Naturally, the timing of this can’t be ignored. Tay’s profile had been dark since 2018, so her rumored comeback is certainly going to benefit from all this recent press! There’s already been plenty of people, even those in her own life, speculating this death hoax was a publicity stunt. So yeah, this update doesn’t do much to dispel that. We just hope this legal decision will be what’s best for the teenager! Thoughts?! What do U think about this? let us know (below)!

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