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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce
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Taylor Swift, 33, was the one who made the first move in her romance with Travis Kelce, 34, according to a new report. The singer “cautiously reached out” to the NFL player after he publicly revealed he went to her Eras Tour concert in Kansas City, MO in July and failed to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, Yahoo Entertainment claims. The outlet also reported that Taylor found the story about his failed attempt “adorable” and when she eventually met him, he made her a promise he wasn’t going to be just a “fling.”

“Travis made a confession to Taylor that changed everything — he told her that this wasn’t going to be just a fling,” a source told the outlet before adding that his words led to their first date in New York City, NY. “He said he can see himself marrying Taylor.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor made the first move in her romance with Travis, according to a source. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

The insider also said that Taylor’s friends approve of the new relationship.  “Taylor’s squad is convinced he’s the one!” they exclaimed before adding that some people are predicting that the lovebirds will be engaged by New Year’s Eve. “They’re so in love.”

The source further revealed that Travis has already been invited to Tennessee to meet Taylor’s parents, Scott and Andrea Swift. “Travis has been invited to Tennessee to meet” Scott and Andrea Swift. They’re looking forward to spending the holidays together, too. His schedule is crazy during football season, and she’s got more concerts coming up, but they’re working around all that,” the source shared.

Travis Kelce
Travis may spend the holidays with Taylor, according to a source. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Taylor also apparently “wants to find a way to host a big Thanksgiving dinner with both of their families and says she’s ready to start traditions,” the source added.

Travis just reportedly bought a new mansion in Kansas City for more privacy with his new girlfriend, and apparently Taylor had an input in it. “They toured houses together before he bought it,” the source explained. “Travis loves Taylor being at his games and hanging out in his city, and they’ve talked about both wanting to have a steady home base.”

“Things have been so seamless and natural,” they continued. “The longer this relationship goes on, the more apparent it is that Taylor and Travis are simply perfectly suited for each other. Taylor is so happy to have finally found someone who totally understands her. It’s all getting very serious, very fast, but they’re enjoying every second!”

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