Travis Kelce’s Barber Spills Details On What NFL Star & Taylor Swift Are Like Behind The Scenes!

Travis Kelce‘s barber has a lot to say!

Not only is Patrick Regan a master with hair, he’s also a longtime close friend of the Kansas City Chiefs star, and he’s offering fans a little insider look at what goes on behind the scenes. Of course, ever since Trav started dating Taylor Swift, his close circle of friends were soon introduced to the pop star — and Pat has nothing but good things to say about her!

In a new episode of the Your Day Off Podcast, the barber gushed about Mz. Swift:

“It’s kind of cool to see because I know her as a person. She’s very interested in what you’re saying. She doesn’t act like the most famous celebrity in the world. She’s a very nice person, and she’s a good girlfriend to my friend so it’s pretty cool, it doesn’t seem too crazy to me.”

Aww! How sweet!

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But with a new girlfriend, the 34-year-old’s bachelor pad soon became a more cozy space for him and his lady. Pat said “things have changed” with new security measures and Trav’s new place. He can’t just go sleep over at his best friend’s place anymore:

“So things have changed for me, now I have to drive further. Travis is one of my bros, so I used to just go sleep at his house every weekend. So, things have changed a little bit now, but it’s cool to see. I’m happy for him and happy to see the stardom that he’s getting.”

Despite describing Travis as “a regular dude” and “just a normal guy”, Patrick is well aware of how wild a wedding would be for these two! When asked about a potential future wedding, he said:

“Hopefully [they get married] soon. That would be fun.”

The host went on to ask “how many plus one requests” he’s gotten, and the barber cheekily said:

“We’ll see when they announce the wedding.”


Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of an engagement/marriage very soon! So exciting!

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