Usher Remembers Seeing ‘Crazy’ Stuff While Living With Diddy At Just 14 Years Old…

Usher was telling us about the Diddy mess YEARS ago! And we just didn’t listen!

Of course, Diddy is all over the headlines after the feds raided his homes in Beverly Hills and Miami this week. Unsettling sex trafficking allegations have been flying around related to the raids, which were led by the Department of Homeland Security. And now, new (old) s**t is hitting the fan!

The Confessions crooner is getting a ton of social media attention right now after an interview he did with radio shock jock Howard Stern way back in August of 2016 just resurfaced. In that clip, pulled from the long-lasting Howard Stern Radio Show, Usher talks very subtly and carefully about living with Sean Combs back when the R&B superstar was up-and-coming at just 14 years old!

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Usher told Howard how he was sent to the so-called “Puffy Flavor Camp” at Diddy’s New York mansion in the early ’90s to “see the lifestyle” that was common in the music biz. But once Usher got there and settled into Diddy’s crib, he recalled seeing “very curious things taking place.” With a pained look on his face, Usher asked the radio shock jock:

“Do you understand what that’s like?”

Stern responded as you might expect the shock jock to respond:

“The place was filled with chicks and orgying nonstop, right?”

But Usher, who is now 45, pulled back on that. He claimed:

“Not really. I got a chance to see some things … I don’t know if I could indulge and even understand what I was looking at.”

Uhhh… that’s creepy?! And again, without speaking specifically about what he saw, the U Got It Bad singer offered more cryptic comments about his time spent living with the Bad Boy Records boss:

“It was pretty wild. It was crazy. There were very curious things taking place and I didn’t necessarily understand it.”


Then, when Stern asked Usher whether he would ever send his own kids to the so-called “Puffy Flavor Camp,” the singer loudly exclaimed:

“Hell no!”

Says it all, doesn’t it? You can re-watch the whole clip from August of 2016 (below):

FYI, this wasn’t even the first time Usher spoke up about Diddy and sex. Waaaaay back in 2004, while chatting with Rolling Stone, the My Way singer said Diddy introduced him to “a totally different set of s**t — sex specifically.” To the mag way back then, Usher said:

“Sex is so hot in the industry, man. There was always girls around. You’d open a door and see somebody doing it, or several people in a room having an orgy. You never knew what was going to happen.”

Of course, when you do the math on that two-decade-old quote combined with Usher’s 2016 comments to Stern about going to live with Diddy at just 14 years old… and you think about what the then-teenager might have seen… uhhh… yeah. WTF. Thoughts, y’all??

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