What Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Think of Kristin Cavallari’s Romance

While Spencer said having a six-pack is his target, he noted his bigger goal is to live a balanced lifestyle and that he was inspired by Heidi’s postpartum weight loss journey.

“Heidi still has a fun life,” said Spencer, who shares sons Gunner, 6, and Ryker, 18 months, with his wife. “She has red wine sometimes and eats bread. But she works out so hard. If we’re at soccer practice with Gunner, she’s doing lunges or air squats.”

Which is one way to get attention. Though the couple’s kids have taken note of their parents’ fame. Let the sun, or rather Spencer, illuminate the words that Gunner has shared with them.

“He loves when people come up to us and ask for a photo and they leave,” he said. “He goes, ‘That was a nice fan, Dad.’ I’m like, ‘They were very nice. Supporter—we’ll call them supporters, son.'”

And if you’re a Hills supporter, keep reading to learn more about the romantic lives of Spencer and Heidi, Kristin and Mark and the rest of the reality show’s cast.

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