Why Gypsy Rose Blanchard Doesn’t Want to Be Treated Like a Celebrity

She pointed to Dr. Marc Feldman, a psychiatrist who specializes in MBP, as one of the few who can give actual credence to her mother’s diagnosis after he interviewed Gypsy for 2017’s Mommy Dead and Dearest.

“Don’t ask me to advocate,” she said at the end of her message. “I AM HEALING.”

Her childhood abuse affected her relationship with her mother, who was stabbed to death in 2015. Gypsy—who pled guilty to second-degree murder—alleged Dee Dee made both her and the public believe she had various illnesses, including cancer, despite not actually being sick.

According to Gypsy, the abuse was centered around the mental health disease Munchausen By Proxy—in which the “caregiver feigns, exaggerates or induces illness in (another person) with the primary goal being to get attention, sympathy and praise,” Dr. Feldman explained to Today.com earlier this year.

Still, despite her hardships, Gypsy has been trying to maintain a hopeful attitude.

“Stay positive,” she captioned a May 7 TikTok post, “there is always hope.”

She shared a similar sentiment on Instagram, writing, “There is a beauty in the struggle of overcoming your past. #selflove.”

For more of Gypsy’s life since her release from prison, keep reading.

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