Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Scammer Posing As Soap Star Told Her To ‘Get Rid Of’ Husband!

A Massachusetts woman has been charged with the attempted murder of her husband after getting caught up in a truly unbelievable romance scam.

As the wild story goes, an investigation was opened into the hospitalization of Roxanne Doucette‘s husband back in December. During Paul Doucette‘s hospital stay, the couple’s daughter saw some suspicious messages on her mom’s cell phone. The messages were from a scammer who was pretending to be Thorsten Kaye, the hunky actor from The Bold and the Beautiful (above, inset). The ersatz soap star was telling the matriarch he wanted to hook up with her, so obviously the daughter knew it wasn’t on the level. Alarmed by the exchange, she called the police — whose investigation uncovered something far more sinister than just a scam to get some cash or steal an identity.

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According to legal docs reported on by CBS Boston, the scammer had messaged Roxanne shortly before her husband was admitted to the hospital, and said:

“You have to get rid of your husband honey. I need you so much.”

To which the 64-year-old allegedly obliged by POISONING him:

“Making an amazing soup. Special potion. He will be hungry when he gets back. Just enough for him.”


Only two hours later she called police because the 73-year-old was “unresponsive” — but the message she sent to the scammer was anything but distressed:

“Hubby got back not feeling well. Maybe I can collect life insurance.”

At this point the scammer had already gotten $8,000 bucks from her, and now she was allegedly planning on forking over her man’s life insurance policy after he died! Just horrifying! And all this over someone pretending to be a soap opera actor? It’s unimaginable…

After Paul regained consciousness at the hospital, he obviously had a lot of questions. He ended up giving investigators the last piece of the puzzle, per docs:

“Paul stated that Roxanne made him soup, but that it wasn’t very good. He stated that it tasted bitter.”

It was at this point the police were called, and Roxanne went with her daughter to the police station. They asked her to hand over her iPhone and iPad, but she refused. Allegedly, she kicked an officer in the crotch and fought back when they tried to detain her! Why would she put up such a fight if she had nothing to hide? So, so scary…

After finally in police custody, the suspect was charged with attempted murder, intimidation of a witness, resisting arrest, and assault and battery of a police officer. Apparently she also broke a protective order that had previously been filed by her husband, but there’s no other information available on it at this time.

Roxanne continues to deny she tried to kill Paul, though, and even spoke to local outlet WBZ-TV about the incident on Tuesday, where she said the soup was just old and that she had “no intentions of leaving” her husband:

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