Al Pacino to Pay Noor Alfallah $30,000 a Month in Child Support

Al Pacino‘s daddy duties include a hefty payment.

Five months after welcoming a baby boy named Roman Pacino—with girlfriend Noor Alfallah, the Godfather actor has set up a child support payment plan.

According to documents obtained by E! News on Nov. 3, Pacino will pay Alfallah $30,000 a month in child support. In addition, he will provide an upfront sum of $110,000 to Alfallah as she and their son move into a new home, as well as $13,000 monthly for a night nurse and any medical bills outside of health insurance coverage.

But that’s not all. Per the docs, the 83-year-old will also deposit $15,000 yearly into an education fund for his son.

A Los Angeles judge ruled that Alfallah, 29, and Pacino will have joint legal custody, while primary physical custody will go to the mom.

The ruling comes two months after Alfallah filed for full physical custody. In court documents submitted by the new mom on Sept. 6 and obtained by E! News, she asked for Pacino to have “reasonable” visitation with their son.

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