Alec Baldwin Accuses D.A. of “Basic Legal Error” in Rust Case

In a statement to E! News, New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney spokesperson Heather Brewer said, “Another day, another motion from Alec Baldwin and his attorneys in an attempt to distract from the gross negligence and complete disregard for safety on the Rust film set that led to Halyna Hutchins’ death.”

Brewer continued, “In accordance with good legal practice, the District Attorney and the special prosecutor will review all motions—even those given to the media before being served to the DA. However, the DA’s and the special prosecutor’s focus will always remain on ensuring that justice is served and that everyone—even celebrities with fancy attorneys—is held accountable under the law.” 

Like Baldwin, Gutierrez-Reed has maintained that Hutchins’ death was a “tragic accident.” As her attorney said in a Jan. 19 statement to E! News, “She did not commit involuntary manslaughter. These charges are the result of a very flawed investigation, and an inaccurate understanding of the full facts. We intend to bring the full truth to light and believe Hannah will be exonerated of wrongdoing by a jury.”

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