Astrologer Susan Miller Reveals These Signs Will Have a Spicy V-Day

Will Cupid’s arrows be flying in your direction on Valentine’s Day? 

You better believe we asked astrologer Susan Miller which zodiac signs will have an extra spicy holiday on Feb. 14. But before we whisper sweet nothings to you, the Astrology Zone founder explained why it’s important to know how the planets will align the week of Valentine’s Day.

“I want you to know what’s coming,” Susan shared with E! News in an exclusive interview. “Saturn conjunct the sun is one of the hardest aspects possible. It happens that week and affects everything.”

Saturn conjunct the sun—which is usually a time when people are cautious, analytical and concerned with order in their surroundings—occurs on Feb. 16. But despite this timing, Susan noted that there is a lot to look forward to.

“This is a temporary situation,” she reminded. So feel free to live it up on love day. “It’s OK to send yourself flowers, go out with friends or treat yourself. It’s probably better not to stay home.”

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