Brittany Cartwright Shares Insight Into Weight Loss Transformation

“I just feel like it’s so important for women to lift each other up instead of tear each other down,” the Bravo star shared. “If somebody says something negative to me, I’m going to go on their page and be like, ‘Well, you have beautiful eyes’ or something like that, because I feel like you just got to turn the narrative. I don’t want Cruz to grow up in a world like this, where there’s so much negativity out there.”

But no matter what, the 35-year-old—who previously shared she lost 30 pounds during the early stages of her journey—is determined to remain as candid as she possibly can.

“I’m very open and honest about my weight gain, weight loss journey,” she noted, “so I just really want to be able to help other women that are going through the same stuff as me.”

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