Captain Sandy Just Fired One Below Deck Season 10 Crew Member

One Below Deck crew member’s voyage is getting cut short.

After multiple warnings about her work ethic and an explosive fight with fellow stew Alissa Humber, season 10 stew Camille Lamb was fired by interim Captain Sandy Yawn on the Bravo series’ Jan. 16 episode.

The decision came after Chief Stew Fraser Olender was forced to once again chastise Camille for slacking on the job.

“I don’t know how many more chances I can give,” he said in a confessional, later adding, “I have hope in people, and no one believed in me, ever, and I turned things around for myself. So I feel like I can see a little bit of that in everyone. So I always will give another chance.”

His generosity changed though when he caught Camille drinking the day before their next charter as the rest of the crew was hard at work prepping.

“You don’t drink on the job, Camille,” he told her. “Come on, babe, it’s not a holiday. Ridiculous.”

“Seeing Camille come out with a pint-size glass of champagne,” he added in a confessional, “just goes to show there’s truly no care or willingness to do the job.”

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