Chelsea Handler Takes Aim at Ex Jo Koy’s Golden Globes Monologue

One day after the interview was published, Koy returned to the stage—the standup comedy stage, that is, and alluded to the backlash over his Golden Globes monologue.

“Lotta marshmallows, man—they’re delicious, but goddamn, they’re soft,” he told the crowd of his show at St. Louis’ Stifel Theatre Jan. 12, according to Variety. “I just come from a different time. I see the changes that are happening. I get it, but goddamn, can we f–king laugh at ourselves?”

After his comments were met with applause, he added, per the outlet, “I got a feeling none of you motherf–kers watched it, and I’m kind of happy. Oh, my God. It feels good to live in this country. We get to say what we want to say. Don’t be apologetic about it at all.”

Amid the controversy, a couple of previous award show hosts came to Koy’s defense.

“I tip my hat to anyone who steps out on stage to host a live awards show,” Steve Martin—who last cohosted the Oscars alongside Alec Baldwin in 2010—wrote on Threads. “It’s a very difficult job and not for the squeamish. I know because I’m still throwing up from the last time I did it.”

A sentiment Whoopi Goldberg echoed. “Hosting gigs are just brutal,” she said on The View. “If you’ve not been in these rooms before, and you’re sort of thrust out there, it’s hit or miss.”

See photos of celebs arriving at the Critics Choice Awards:

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