Coco Austin & Ice-T’s 6-Year-Old Bathes in Sink Before Fashion Show

Sometimes you got to hit the sink before you hit the show!

Coco Austin shared an inside look at how she got her 6-year-old daughter Chanel, who she shares with husband Ice-T, ready for Chanel’s first fashion show. Their list of to-dos included Coco doing her own hair and makeup, as well as the both of them picking out their outfits for the event. But before getting to that last step, the process started off with Chanel taking a bath in the sink while scrolling on her iPad.

Why not use the actual tub? Coco explained in her Sept. 22 Instagram post that they only had one hour to get ready for the occasion. The 43-year-old wrote, “The sink is easiest when you have to be fast.”

But even though Coco gave her reasoning behind the hygiene hack, the soak in the sink has caused quite the divide in her comment section. One user wrote, “Yall still treating her like an Infant.” While another added, “Are you kidding?! In the kitchen sink!! SHE’s not a BABY ANYMORE!”

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