De-Puff & Contour On The Go With The Skinny Confidential Mint Roller

“This is by far the BEST purchase!! I can immediately see the difference in my skin. Especially since I typically wake up looking puffy, the hot mess ice roller takes care of that. I feel more confident after using this! I use it every morning and throughout the day! I even got my boyfriend hooked on it!”

“This little guy is 100% worth the hype and the price tag. I had a plastic one before and upgrade to this for many reasons. I had a little apprehension because of the price but I decided to treat myself and so glad I did. I absolutely love this thing. I have allergies to literally everything so I tend to have puffy eyes especially in the morning and this takes the swelling away within minutes. It helps with inflammation. And redness. It’s just perfect. 10/10 recommend”

“This roller is a complete game changer! I honestly have no idea how I went so long without it – it’s completely elevated my skincare routine & depuffs my face instantly. It’s the perfect weight, keeps cold for 10+ mins and the imprinted thumb print is such a unique touch & added bonus. I take it EVERYWHERE & use it multiple times a day. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!”

“I finally caved and got this for myself. I had low expectations. I am absolutely obsessed with this. When Lauren says this thing stays cold, she means it. I left it out on my nightstand after using it and it was still cold the next morning. It is so well made and thought out. I am so glad I bought this.”

“There really is nothing else like this on the market – the best ice roller, hands down! Gets cold faster and stays cold longer than any other ice roller, and is sturdier and easier to use than all the others ones I’ve tried. The results are immediate, the best way to depuff in the morning and give your face a good wake up so you don’t look or feel so tired. Also, I grab this when I have a headache, allergies, or when I’m congested and it gives such good relief. This is a must have, I promise.

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