Euphoria’s Colman Domingo Met His Husband Through Craigslist

Colman said he and Raúl met up three days later and had their first date, which ended up with the two of them spending the night together.

“I was trying to be a good boy and go home. He said, ‘Can you stay over?’ I said, ‘Sure but let’s just cuddle,'” he recalled. “We cuddled. I thought he was asleep—4:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep and I said, ‘I think I love you and you’re about to change my life.’ And we’ve been together for almost 19 years.”

Colman, who also spoke about meeting his husband in a 2021 GQ interview, noted his tendency to try to manifest his wishes. “I think I’m just somebody who just believes that magic happens,” he said. “I really do believe that and so I feel like, ‘Oh, if I want this thing, it’ll happen.'”

Look back at the love lives of Euphoria stars below:

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