Gabby Petito’s Mom Forgives Killer Brian Laundrie But Not His Mom

The letter from Brian’s mom, obtained by NBC News, was made public in 2023 as part of a civil lawsuit Gabby’s parents filed a year earlier against the Laundries for emotional distress in connection with her death. Roberta had said the note pre-dated the couple’s 2021 road trip and that she meant to reach out to her son while they “were experiencing a difficult period” in their relationship, according to an affidavit obtained by CNN.

In the lawsuit, which was settled out of court earlier this year, the travel vlogger’s family alleged that Brian’s parents knew Gabby was dead weeks before her body was located but lied to them and the public by sharing messages that expressed hope she’d be found.

“While Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt were desperately searching for information concerning their daughter,” stated the filing, obtained by E! News, “Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie were keeping the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie secret, and it is believed were making arrangements for him to leave the country.”

At the time of the filing, the Laundries’ lawyer said in a statement to E! News, “Assuming everything the Petitos allege in their lawsuit is true, which we deny, this lawsuit does not change the fact that the Laundries had no obligation to speak to Law Enforcement or any third-party including the Petito family.”

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