Haley Lu Richardson Open to People We Meet on Vacation Role

Haley Lu Richardson might need to keep her bags packed. 

The star of season two of The White Lotus, which travels to Sicily for its highly-anticipated sophomore effort, has been floated as a potential star of the recently-announced adaptation of People We Meet on Vacation, the 2021 New York Times bestselling novel by Emily Henry.

When asked by E! News’ The Rundown host Erin Lim Rhodes at the premiere of The White Lotus on Oct. 20 about the Internet rumblings, Richardson said, “I actually saw I was tagged in that!”

Casting rumors spread fast. 

So, would she be down to star as Poppy, the novel’s female lead?

“I reached out to my agent about it,” Richardson revealed. “I was like, ‘So should I?’ I haven’t read the book, but obviously I would read the book if they offered me the movie.”

There’s one thing Richardson does know, however, as she said, “Poppy’s a cute name!”

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