How Robin Williams Helped Mrs. Doubtfire Star Lisa Jakub With Her Mental Health Struggles

Additionally, Lisa recalled a moment when the Good Will Hunting actor stood up for her. At the time, she said she received a letter from her high school informing her to not come back because it was “too difficult” for them to work remotely with her while she was on set.

According to the 42-year-old writer, Robin wrote a letter to the school “asking them to please reconsider.”

Ultimately, Lisa revealed the high school declined to invite her back. But despite their decision, the Canadian native said the screen legend’s gesture really moved her.

“What I love about that story, and what I love about Robin, it’s just the fact that he would do that for someone,” she expressed. “That he would go out of his way. That he would take the time to realize that this would be important.”

She added, “And even if it didn’t work, somebody needed to stand up. And he did that for me.”

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